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phonegirlApril 28, 2012

My DF gave me this lg ceramic owl she bought in Toronto Canada. I have it sitting under one of my sewing machines so you can see how lg it is. I think it's to nice to go outside unless I sit it on my deck.

Do you think this is something I should put out in my yard?

We set up at the Trade Fair today. On the way a church was having a sale so stopped and found a few treasures I couldn't live w/o.haha All of this was $4.50 so I was thrilled.

The plate has a cardinal with this neat verse printed on it.

True friends are like diamonds

precious but rare

False friends are like autumn leaves

found everywhere

My feet are so sore but we had a great turnout and got alot of activations. Will probably spend the rest of the night just sitting at the computer with my feet up.


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Oh some more pretty things! That handled basket looks quite unique (I love the color) & I bet we'll see those RW&B plate & bowl somewhere this summer! Nice finds! Yes, put those feet up, punk! TFS! Jeanne S.

I found a beautiful (but new) scarf (it was called a scarf) but it's huge on a day trip yesterday ... starting price was $42 ... & then w/clearance & coupon got it down to $5.99 I brought it home for t'scaping! So I was a happy camper on a cold & windy, rainy day!

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You girls make me want to go shopping, been awhile. ;o)
Punk, you got a lot for a little! I love the big snowy owl!! He'll be so neat for Xmas decorating too. If you put him out, hope you can find a spot out of any sun or rain. And spray him with multiple coats of the clear Krylon (that doesn't yellow) to protect him.

That handled basket is so pretty, and you better hide it from Nana as I think she has a collection of them. ;o)
I like the saying on the cardinal plate!

Jeanne, can't wait to see the scarf...quite a buy you got on that.

hugs, Karen

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Punk, hope you got rested up a bit last night. You sure are one busy lady/ Love the treasures you found at the church sale. Those rw&b pieces will be great for Memorial Day which is coming up really quick. Love the basket too. I really don't know what to tell you about your beautiful owl. I am like you; it is too nice to put out , unless you can find a protected spot for him. I can't put anything outside that isn't really heavy (like made of cement) or can be permanetly fastened down because of the wind. We live in a vally with mountains on all sides and the wind gets pretty bad here.We went out to eat last night and I stopped by GW and did pretty good. I spent $22 and came home with 7 cut crystal champane flutes (we don't drink alchol, but sparkling juices work) for TSing,2 crystal wine glases that match the others, a service for 6+ extra knives and forks of clear handled with a red centered silverware. 3 sets of 4 placemars,6 clear salad bowels (The design matches a salad bowl that I have had for years), 4 small desert sized brandy sniffer bowels,A large new baige bath towel, 1 new green dish towel and 6 new dish cloths and a baseball and bat for DGS. I went in hoping to find a cheese dome for a set of petastal dishes that I made using candle sticks, glue and the clear salad plates from Wallyworld. I had bought 2 small cloches a couple of weeks ago to use, but then decided that the one clear cheese dome fit the size better. I only had one, so now I have an excuse to keep going back+ I am looking for smaller, coaster or maybe clear ashtray sized pieces that I can use for the smaller cloches. When I went to the Dr last week, she doubled the amt of antidepresent that I had taken for years, because of the stress with Dh and It must be helping. The last few days I have been wanting to do fun things again like making crafty things, which I really hadn't wanted to do in months. Maybe...just maybe, I"m starting to emerge from my long funk. Thanks you all for being there for me when I need a quiet place to escape. You are the best! Janet

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Punk, that is a really neat, large owl. If you have a covered patio/deck, he would look great out there. Not sure how long ceramic pieces hold up in the weather, but will let you know. I put a pair of little ducks out during the fall and so far so good--but they are slightly shaded by a bush. You found some pretty pieces for your tablescapes too, will be watching for their debut. ;o)

Janet, sounds like you had a very good shopping trip. I'm so glad you are feeling better now.


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Jeanne, wish they would of had a whole set of the R,W & B dishes but it's a start. Your scarf sounds like a great buy. Please post a picture and show us. It's always great to find a real deal while out and about.

Karen, good idea using my owl for decorating for the holidays. Now I will probably keep him inside and play!Thanks. Hope you have a day to go shop soon! I always enjoy seeing what you come home with.

Isn't it amazing how Nana's basket collection must of enabled me. I thought of her when I spotted it.

Janet, sounds like you had a wonderful shopping spree last night. Love it that you also found a baseball and bat for DGS. Since you didn't find any domes, just gives you a reason to go back alright. Hope you'll show us your pedestal dishes your making. They sound pretty neat.

So hope your double dose of drugs keep making you feel better. You have alot to deal with and it's a tough life your leading right now. So sorry so many on here have way to much on their plates. Mine is self inflicted and all I can hope for is we don't decide to add more business locations right away.LOL

Thanks for looking and all your comments. I did get a good nights rest. Got all my laundry done and upright freezer defrosted so far today. I'll be sure to make sure the door gets closed good now for awhile I'm sure. Hope to get out and transplant some strawberry plants today.


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Someone gave me a large frog last July. He's been sitting in all the elements all year long and seems no worse for it. We don't have freezing weather, however. Don't know what that would do to him.

I love your Fourth of July plates.


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Punk,The owl is terrific. I love the expression on her face "I think she is a girl>.
You sure got some great things.
Love those 'boopie' sherbets with the gold around the rim,
all of mine are plain.
Your new basket is very pretty. It's amazing how we enable each other without trying!! I hope to see it on one of your tables soon.
I hope you find more RW&B dishes to go with the ones you got at the sale.

Jeanne I'm looking forward to seeing your new scarf too.

Janet, I'm so glad you are feeling better with the increase in your meds. I'm sure it will help you with the challenges you face with your DH.


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Luvs, how funny, you mentioned your ducks outside. I have a pair of geese that I've had for years outside and they always come through. Our deck is covered so would keep it totally out of the elements.

OA, DD has alot of frogs in her yard and some seem to make it and others croak. The dishes are Tienshan stoneware 'Americana' so I'm thinking I could possibly find more.

Nana, so you think she's a girl huh?teehee I was surprised to see the gold on the rim of those sherbets too. All of my others are w/o gold rims. Until I seen your tables, I hadn't noticed how the bottoms seem to light up in pictures.

You sound so innocent, "It's amazing how we enable each other without trying!!"LOL

Thanks for all the comments, sweet ladies. Still not positive what will happen with Mrs O. but it's always good to hear advice from all of you. I have a webinar training first thing this morning. So... best get ready to head in.


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Love hearing what you gals find! Punk, is that little Bee a pitcher? It is adorable!

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Punk... I love how these Sales just make our cars STOP
so we can just 'look' and find neat things like you did for so little!

That snowy owl your friend gave you is wonderful.
I have a large ceramic rooster that I keep out on my
porch year round.
He's sheltered under an open table
(like yours under your sewing machine) -
no snow or rain gets on him where he is and he seems to be doing fine.

Cute little bee pitcher and pretty basket (kind of like what you got me),
which can be used for so many things.

I'm glad you had a big turnout at the Trade Fair..
Hope you got some good needed rest after.

Janet..glad you're feeling better and were able to get out
to find some nice treasures. I hope you can share them with
us. Continue to feel better...we love seeing you here.


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