Some Easter Decorations #1 (pic heavy)

slinkeyApril 4, 2011

Finally got myself together and finished some decorating..

I wish I knew how to do a slideshow like Karen so I don't have to show so many pics at once...

Here's my little white hutch again - decorated for this Easter...

I used some old and some new things. The Easter dishes are from Cracker Barrel that I've been collecting for a couple of yrs...

I layered a couple of dish patterns together as you'll see.

The nest and the easter chicks are from CTS - this yr..

The two bunny on boxes are CTS - last yr.

The White Dishes with pink roses are Royal Staffordshire - England...I got a set of them 'free' at the end of the Ultimate Garage Sale last fall.

The tall bunny on the left is old..the two bunnies are S&Ps from Cracker Barrel...the bunny on the green bowl was from ebay last yr...

The Bunny container is Paper Mache from Dept 56 - last yr GW for $3.

These bunnies from TS - are over a little TV cabinet -

The flowers are from CTS this yr..and have kept me hopefull that Spring WILL arrive soon!!

I'll be posting some more as I go..

Thanks for looking.


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Jane, that is just lovely! I love how you layered the dishes, so pretty! Thank you for showing how you displayed your wonderful collection, it looks fabulous!

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Yes, I LOVE your painted white cabinet!!! How in the world do you keep those "layered" plates from not tipping over! Is there a slot on each shelf? Even so, with 3 in a stack, wow! They look BEAUTIFUL...just like a place setting & then adding all your wonderful "old & new" Spring/Easter decor!

Those "free Ultimate GS dishes" were meant to be! They found a home! Those Easter chicks are adorable!

Love how you use vintage postcards/graphics ...the framed print w/brown bunnies...beautiful there...I love those bunnies, too.

You've been busy, jane! Soon you can sit back & enjoy for awhile, too! Jeanne

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I love it all. The hutch is fabulous!
I don't have enough adjectives!!
Once again, another reason to want CTS here!
I love it all, but my most favorite are those matching cups and salad plates in the last 2 hutch pictures.

The display on the TV cabinet is perfect too. The hares mimic the picture so well!
The layered plates are wonderful. The whole hutch is just pure eye candy.

Thank you for sharing such a great display. I'm turning green with envy, LOL


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I'm almost speechless at how you did your hutch...good thing the other gals said it all so well. You've got so much to look at that I'll be going back over and over as I know I'm missing something each time.


As for the slideshow I do...well actually I don't. LOL.
I just load my pictures in a Photobucket album and its up
to you guys to click on it for a slideshow. Personally I don't like them that much, I want to bring up each photo and look at it till I'm ready to move on to the next one.

hugs, Karen
Did I say I LOVE your hutch!!!

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Thank you's nice reading all your sweet comments.

Kathleen...I'm glad you enjoyed my collection - I'm sure we share many of them in common thanks to CTS ! far as keeping those plates in place, I use plate holders. Some are deep enough to layer two and sometimes three plates at a time - depending on the thickness of the plate. Or I'll use a seperate holder for a third plate. They do kind of look like a place setting...never looked at them that way before. lol
I'm looking forward to being done so I can enjoy've been several steps ahead of me for a while

Candy...I keep saying - I'm sure a CTS will be on its way to you soon. I never thought they'd spread out all over like they it's bound to happen. Just keep checking out their website. Those cups and salad plates were from Cracker Barrel.. do you have any near you?

Karen..I always enjoy your slideshows - even if I have to stop and pause and go back.. I don't mind.
The part I hate and is so time consuming, is when you have to post one at a time and you have many pics to post.

Thanks again everyone.


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I agree with all of the above. Everything is fabulous! - Marylee

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Just wonderful, Jane. What a feast for my eyes!!

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jane ... does your computer have "Windows 7" as your operating system.

To download multiple pics to Photobucket, AFTER I click the "Select Photos & Videos, I open the pic folder & click on the pics I want to download while holding down the "Ctrl" (control) key. I usually download 8 or 10 at a time. (is this what you are talking about above?) See if that works for you?

Still loving your pics here! Jeanne S.

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Or you can generate link codes (for posting multiple pics on your post) by "checkmarking" the title box under each pic you've downloaded to Photobucket.

Then scroll down to the bottom of that PBkt page & click on "Choose action" ... a pop-up menu gives you choices, click on the bottom one which says "Generate codes for selected."

Then a window pops up with LOTS of writing/choices called "Generate link codes" ...the top of the page is HTML codes & I double-click on "Full size" (it will say "copied"). Then go back to the body of my message here where I am posting pics & click "Paste." And that's what I've done here for 3 Spring prints to show you how it works:

Try it, works ...then you go back in & add "text" between your pics, if you wish...lots of times I just post one pic at a time & then type text...yes, that takes longer. Ok, just a thought...Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

OMGosh.....I NEED to go to Cracker Barrel! I LOVE those Easter dishes! And the bunnies, the Staffordshire dishes, the Hutch, the colors....well, you get the idea...I LOVE IT ALL!! My favorite color combinations!

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Jane, you've out done your self, it is all very beautiful. I'm in love with your dishes, layer after layer, love them all. The little paper mache bunny head is cute, as well as the Easter sign. The hutch makes the perfect place for all your darling treasures. Your decorations inspire me to get mine posted, now to find the time.

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Jane, your hutch turned out beautiful. You have so many pretty dishes. I remember you getting the Royal Staffordshire dishes and smiled when I read about them again.

Wonderful bunny collection and some cute chicks here too. Hope all this decorating makes you smile every day when you walk through your home. It would me.


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Thanks marylee.....nana...jeanne...marlene...
frou & Punk I enjoyed reading all your wonderful compliments,
and all of what you said, made ME smile!
Jeanne...yes, I have Windows 7..You're such a sweetie -
I'll have to try 'holding down the "Ctrl" (control) key to download more pics at one time. It sounds like a good start...As far as your second post, I'm going to print out your instructions to keep in front of me...and then give it a try. It also sounds better than what I'm doing now.
In fact, I'm lucky that I've learned to post and foward pictures here at all!! lol Thanks for the helpful advice.

frou..hope you take some time out to do some decorating and post some know we'd love seeing them.

Punk...anything that's Spring related makes me smile now a days. After the winter we've's just a good feeling and definitely makes me smile!

Thanks again everyone.


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Very pretty! I was impressed how the frame on your print went so well with the bunnies near it--looks really nice together. I remember those gorgeous bunny dishes of your's from CB, not just because they are so darn pretty, but because they made me green with envy! ;o) You always have such tasteful ways of displaying things, the hutch is so fun to look at especially. Luvs

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Thank you Luvs - you always say the sweetest things about my posts that always make me smile.
I was disappointed this year because CB didn't have a nice selection of Easter Dishes...not even one thing to get excited over. I guess nothing stays the same - right?
As far as that frame - I bought a few frames from the $ store last Christmas, and never used them and actually forgot about them. Fast forward to now, while looking through my frames for this bunny print - Bingo! I thought it worked so well too.
Thanks again for looking.

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SMILES! That's the reward for our fruits of labor! LOL!
And, yes, anything Spring related> now-a-days makes me smile, too!

You're welcome, experiences w/Photobucket is all from experimenting, too...never heard of it until joining the Garden Junk Forum in 2007. Jeanne S.

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The bunnies, chicks, and nests popping out among the dishes show your great talent! IF I HAD A HUTCH, I don't think I could decorate it like you've done. Your dishes are SO pretty and appropriate.

That bunny head candy container is wonderful. Good buy from GW (why doesn't ours have stuff like that, waiting for me?)

Where did these other wonderful Easter dishes come from (with the white flower border?) HOW DO YOU FIND THESE THINGS!

You know we all think you do a wonderful job. I love your collections and how you display them. And all through the house--you can go from one room to another and see a scene that HAS to make you smile.

- Magpie

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Magpie...Wow! thanks for such wonderful compliments!
Now, I think you don't give yourself credit to be able to decorate a hutch - because right now - you Don't Have One!
I'll bet once you'll amaze yourself. That time you posted some pics...I loved what you did - and thought you had lovely things and displayed them nicely. I'm looking forward to more from you.
As far as those flowered dishes..if you mean the white with the green floral border...they were from a local consignment shop. They only had two...but that's okay.they work in with what I have. I do that alot by just getting two or four sometimes even one. Also, I have years of collecting I have lots to work with. I need YOUR storage space!!

jeanne...I know you're right...I have to experiment to find out just what can be done with the photos. I always love how yours look..all like a special presentation.
One day, when I can sneak some time...I'm going to give it a try. Thanks again...and anytime you want to share a new technique..I'm interested.


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What perfect timing! I agree with Nana, enjoyed seeing
all the Easter/Spring ladies. I'm hoping to get the rest
of my nests located this weekend and do more decorating.


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