Bosch compact or Dyson Animal?

natalija_gardenerJune 6, 2009


I am thinking of buying a vacuumcleaner. I read a lot of info, and now I have a dillemma which one of these two to buy.

We have 1st floor hardwood frloor with some arial rugs. Second floor is carpeted.

I like the idea of small compact German vac., but a little terrified about looking for the bags all the time.

Any help or adviceon which one to choose?

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I love my Dyson upright, but I would not want to carry it up and down stairs regularly. And it's not the ideal choice for a hardwood+area rug situation.

I believe that Dyson's canister model now has a powered head, and it is bagless. That might be something to consider.

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I am not sure which model Bosch you are referring to, because there are smaller compact models. These are suction-only canisters. They also have Formula models, some of which have smaller power nozzles for carpeting.

If you have alot of hardwood floors, plus area rugs and carpeting upstairs, I would suggest a canister with power nozzle. Bosch uses power nozzles on their Formula series and their Premium line of full-sized canisters. Another set-up would be to use your present vacuum, if it has a rotating brushroll, for the upstairs and area rugs and purchase a suction-only canister for the floors.

I think that if you are looking at the compact Bosch canisters, you could find more selection in other brands. The Bosch suction-only canisters are going to run about $250+.

Today, vacuum cleaner bags are not hard to find. If the brand is a well-known name like Bosch, bags can easily be purchased. You found this website, so you have some internet smarts. Bags are just a click away. They can be purchased on the internet and sent to your home. I do have to say that the bags, for the Bosch brand, are somewhat high compared to other brands that use the same technology.

If you are thinking about the Dyson canister, you better try it out first and see if you like it.

Let me know which model Bosch you are looking at and what vacuum cleaner brand and model you are using now.

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BTW, do not pay attention to the price in that link,because they are cheaper than the listed price.

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Disregard my previous post, because it was meant for another thread. Boy, it is late.

BTW, this forum needs to have an EDIT option for after we post a message.

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