Does ANYONE like their Monogram ovens?

janjan212April 27, 2012

While shopping for Wall/speed oven combos I saw the Monogram and fell in love with the look. We were shocked at the retail price...around 7k for the pair (if I am remembering correctly) and saw the negative reviews here so I put them out of my mind.

I called an Appliance Store and asked them to put together some quotes on Wall & Speed oven combos so I could better research what we might like, with a reasonable price,before I came in. (New thread to follow about his speed oven advice)

I tried to explain the styling I liked, mentioning how I loved the look of the Monogram but heard people had issues with them (he agreed but didn't elaborate) When I got his email there were several wall ovens to consider. Also, he says they have the Monogram pair, open box, in their outlet store. The speed oven had a small ding/dent in the corner of the door, He send me a picture of the oven with the ding/dent circled but I can't really see it in the shot. Either the picture is deceiving or it's small. Price for the pair is 4700. Based on the retail pricing I saw this sounds like a good price (but do Monograms sell at retail??)

Crappy appliances at any price are crappy appliances though. So, given the price of these (providing the ding is no big deal) ... is it something we should consider?? Are some Monograms great, while others have service issues, or are they just all hype and no substance?

Most of the other quotes were for wall ovens with a Sharp Microwave with convection and not the speed ovens I hear discussed here like the Advantium, the Electrolux, the Miele. He said that most people end up using the speed ovens as a micro 99% of the time so his budget advise was to go with the cheaper of the two with a trim kit and a nice wall oven. The quotes for these wall ovens with a Sharp micro/convection were from the low 3k's to the high 3'ks. Might have been something in the 4'ks but don't recall for sure...

This leaves me considering double wall ovens and putting a microwave on the counter.....So confused.

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I like my Monogram ovens. We have the convection double ovens with the Pro styling. They've been in use for 6 months now. We've baked, roasted, & broiled with and without convection, one oven or two going at the same time and have had no problems. I bake a lot of cakes and cupcakes and they come out perfect. At Christmas, I bake tray upon tray of cookies on convection using multiple shelves at one time and they came out perfect. I have not used the self-clean yet, but I plan to soon. I love the racks with glides. It's a huge plus that the racks can be left in for the clean cycle. I want to say our ovens ran ~$5,500. We also went with the GE Monogram rangetop and hood to get the $1,000 rebate GE offers. I was sold on the rangetop from the beginning, but we researched ovens quite extensively especially after reading the reviews here.

I will also point out that other high end wall ovens have their own problems too whether its the porcelain finish flaking off, the control panel slowly dying, uneven cooking results, self-clean cycle frying the electronics, etc. Mom & Dad have a Thermador and the control panel slowly died (as many others on GW have reported with theirs) until you couldn't see it anymore and there was no way to determine what temp the oven was set at, what temp the oven actually was, time, etc. Then at Christmas, just hours before their big annual party, the ovens just stopped heating in the middle of baking cookies in 1 oven and roasting meat in the other. Nightmare!

While no oven (or appliance) for that matter offered everything on our want list, the Monogram fit the bill the best for us. We decided to cross our fingers & take the chance and we are glad we did.

Hope this helps!

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Just installed my Monogram Advantium 240.
Amazing - see other post about my maiden voyages during an incomplete renovation.
I almost nixed it due to the cost.

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I have had my GE Monogram Pro double ovens since 2005 and have never had an issue with them. QUICK to preheat (even to 450 when I do bread and I do that every couple days), even temps and baking and 3 rolling glide racks per oven. On the rare occasion that I use the broiler, it has been just fine. I did not pay anywhere near $7K for them but it was 7 years ago. I also have the 36" Monogram pro rangetop (made by DCS before Fisher Paykel) and it is a workhorse...7 years and no issues.

For our new build, we are doing a Bluestar range (want open burners) and Wolf steam and Wolf single oven stacked.

Did you look at Wolf as an option? The double E series is ~$6250.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf Double Ovens

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The Electrolux Oven with an Electrolux Speed Oven might be a good alternative. The Elux oven seems to be well thought of on Garden Web as well as the speed oven.

We are limited to 27" products and ended up ordering
Miele Microwave
Miele Speed Oven
Miele Warming Oven

We already have another full size oven in our island so it was not essential that we ordered an oven at this point.

We looked at the Monogram and I too think they are beautiful, but with our 27" limitation we would have had to have gone with the Advantium 120 which is not nearly as strong a product as the Advantium 240. Lastly, GE in general does not have the best reputation on garden web, and that began to scare me off.

We are really sold on the speed oven concept - we have a family of 5 kids and we feel it is going to be a huge help for us. If you go with the Monogram I would for sure buy an extended warranty. We bought 5 yr warranty for Miele Speed Oven but are sticking with 1 yr warranty on Miele microwave and warming drawer.

Good luck!

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I had a Monogram oven, about 10 years old, which I really liked; never had a problem with it. But, I'm sure it is not the same appliance as the new ones.

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I'm pretty sure I remember being told that the older Monogram pre 2006... were made by Bosch.

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I have a Monogram convection oven and an Advantium. I like both of them. The oven works very well for me, though I know there have been posts about poor baking performance. I haven't had any of those problems. The Advantium is like a 2nd oven, which is why we bought it. The truth is, most of the time I use it as a regular microwave, but on those occaisions (e.g. the holidays) when you need a 2nd oven, it really comes in handy. If you are going to be using 2 ovens at once a lot [which I think is pretty uncommon], then you should get 2 regular ovens.

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Yep, will only NEED double ovens during those Holiday meals and for the occasional get-together where we make lots of foods. The speed oven/Wall oven combo was looking like the best way to go, but it will actually be more costly as we found out this weekend. The Monogram deal on the speed/wall combo was 4700. With a small dent in the door to boot. Then, We absolutely fell in LOVE with the Miele Speed Oven...masterchef. I think I literally drooled. ;) But, add the cost of it (what...2500-2600?) to a wall oven, cabinet and electrical modifications and it just stopped making financial sense. True for the Monogram combo as well. We aren't staying in this place (we don't think) for the long haul.

It was FAR, FAR, less expensive for us to go with an Electrolux double wall oven and a separate microwave. Save money, and have it all. Well, except the speed I guess. It's cool...but I can live without that.

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I checked on those outlet ovens, almost pulled the trigger. Wasn't sure about the 'trivection' of the monogram, reviews weren't too good. I did price a new door panel for the Mono Advantium, $110 from the factory. Talk to Huck, I think you s/b able to get both those outlet ovens for under $4k. The price in the outlet was $2k for the Adv. and I think $2300ish on the oven. Carefull with those guys pricing, they tell you they're giving you a deal until you find out later it wasn't. I'm getting some things thru them but I honeslty don't trust them that much.

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Can you go to my page and email me? We've decided against the Monograms, *I think*... I would love to discuss the whole buying experience with you in more detail though, if you don't mind that is.

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