Meile Libra or Riccar Charisma

moodydaJune 11, 2011

I am in the process of purchasing a new Vacuum. We have 2200 sq. ft. home mostly Tile and Burber carpeting. We also have a couple of low to medium pile carpets. One large dog (a doberman) and one allergy sufferer. I have demo'd both and they both are fantastic machines. It seems as though the Riccar has a several foot advantage on cord length and hose length, however, it only has 2 ft advantage in total area covered. The Riccar can be had for $599 while the Meile will run $699 (floor model). Same dealer so service wouldn't be a part of the equation.

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You have two very good choice here. You could not go wrong with either one.

The Riccar is going to have a longer warranty, which is helpful if something should go wrong. You should find out that the cost of bags and filters will be cheaper for the Riccar. I think the price for the Riccar is much more pleasing than the higher price Miele floor model.

You will have to decide which you prefer, because we are not the ones who will be cleaning your home. You said that you have tried them both, so pick the one that will be more enjoyable to use.

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So you are basically saying that they are equals. I was under the impression that the Meile was better in the way the unit was sealed or is that not the case?

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Both Charisma and Libra have a 100% sealed system.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riccar Charisma

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Purchased the Meile today. I am glad that I got to test them head to head. Paid $699 for the Meile and could have had the Riccar for $399 (on sale). There is absolutely no comparison between the two. The Riccar is in the same class as a Kenmore(build quality), while the Meile is built to last. Thanks for your help, but there is no substitute for actually trying them out head to head.

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