Removing ball point pen ink

carol_jkJune 14, 2009

I got ball point ink on some pants and have tried Spray and Wash and Wisk before laundering. Neither has removed the ink. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Spray with cheap hair spray, rub in well,then launder.

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Soak in milk for about 60 minutes then wash as usual.

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Also heard that milk would help. But I think it's best when you do that as a first attempt, I don't know if it will still be effective after you've tried using other products.

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Glad to read this thread, I also have a shirt spilled with ink and I cannot remove the ink. I'm going to try this milk solution to see how it works.

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Acetone is an ink solvent. Just dab the mark with a cotton ball until ink is removed and then rinse with water and wash as usual. I would first test in an inconspicuous spot to be sure the acetone doesn't remove the dye as well!

Nail polish remover has acetone in it but it is a weak solution and there may be other ingredients that you don't want for this purpose. If you don't see pure acetone on the shelf you can ask the pharmacist.


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I had a brand new first time ever worn shirt, not a cheap one either - inked it with one of the flowing ball smooth writer pens. Blotting with hair spray and a paper towel many times completely fixed it after a wash or two also.

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I use hairspray and it works everytime. I even used it this winter when one of my dogs got a ball point pen and was chewing it while lying on a karastan wool rug. and yes big globs of ink got on it. hairspray to the rescue. spray, blot with white paper towel. keep repeating until gone. spot is sticky but not inky!

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I tried blotting with alcohol and that removed it very easily.

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Just a quick follow up: Hairspray is formulated with a lot of alcohol, so that is why it works as well as rubbing alcohol. I suppose even mouthwash would work too, due to the high alcohol content. They are all inter changeable products for removing ink.

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