changing dishwasher front panel

bunymomApril 2, 2011

I have a 3 year old Whirlpool dishwasher model GU3600XTSQ2 which has a white exterier [stainless interior]. I'm now making changes to the kitchen and going to stainless appliances...anyone know how involved it would be to change out the front panel of the DW to a stainless one? I'm totally happy with the DW, so trying not to buy a new one. I've can order a replacement front panel in stainless for around $120, but I think I'd need to replace the top control panel section also, which I was told is another $174. I'm thinking that has to include all the electrical control stuff, not just the cover plate thingy? Not sure how it would look if I left the top panel as is, with white surround, although all cabinets are white, so maybe not too bad? OR....has anyone used the paint kits that could re-do my existing front panel? Thanks!

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The control panel (pushbuttons on front and top, side panels, vent, etc.) is one piece. It connects via ribbon cable to a separate control board inside.

You can look up the model at SearsPartsDirect to see parts diagrams/lists. Three control panels are listed, I assume for white, black, and stainless. Sears does not indicate what are the colors by item, but I found reference to color on another site.
W10021160 $140.79 (black?)
W10021170 $140.28 (white?)
W10021180 $136.24 (silver?)

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We changed ours on a Kenmore Elite DW just 4 days ago to stainless.
Package came in via UPS and within 10 minutes was installed on our DW.
Just had to unscrew 8 torx screws, take off old panel, put on new one and done.

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Where did you order your stainless steel front panel from for your Kenmore Elite dishwasher. We are redoing our kitchen and are looking to do the same.

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Be very careful whom you get parts from, I always research very extensively any place that I am not familiar with before I buy from them and for some odd reason "Appliance Parts" seem to be chock full of scam artist, no idea why.
I ended up buying it from Sears Parts Direct.
I KNOW they are reputable and the price was only a few dollars more so opted for them.

Several other places I looked at were clearly scam sites, in fact more were scam sites than legit sites.
For the Elite Kenmore DW I would highly suggest just going to Sears parts Direct.

I paid $100 for a stainless panel.

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