This stuff is great!

arizonaroseJune 2, 2008

I finally found something that removes blood....Greased Lightening. I spray it on before I put the item in the washing machine and it removes every trace.

Just thought I'd share the tip....

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Glad it worked for you. Suddenly everyone is talking about this stuff on this forum, although its been around a while.

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Yes it's true. I get frequent nosebleeds, sometimes at night on my pillow. Greased Lightning rocks! Wash in cold water for best results.

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I think I am the one who originally posted about how great Greased Lightening is for cleaning and for removing spots from clothing. I've been using it for 5 years or so, after accidently picking up a bottle of it at the hardware store. It is hands down, the best cleaner out there. I also get frequent nosebleeds in bed, and it has not damaged my expensive cotton sheets at all. It's so far better than Zout, Oxiclean, or Shout that there is no comparison.
Once again, a word of caution: it will severely damage wood surfaces if it drips onto them, so be careful. I had a leaky bottle sitting on the floor (I didn't realize there was a leak), and it turned the floors black in those spots. I will have to actually get someone to replace the floorboards as there is no way to fix it otherwise. Very attractive; and in the hallway for everyone to see, of course!!
So glad to see others are giving this product a try. BTW: if you are on the east coast and have a Christmas Tree Store nearby, it's only $1.99 a bottle there. I picked up 4 bottles on Monday. Usually I purchase it at Ace Hardware, where it sells for $4.99 per bottle. Stock up, if you have a CTS nearby.

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I was able to go to their website and get a $1.25 off coupon.

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Does anyone have luck removing chocolate ice cream/fudgecicles with this product? My kids have already ruined 2 t shirts with these stains that I cannot get out - and summer has just begun!

I'd love to try something that will conquer these stains.

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Hydrogen peroxide usually works very well on chocolate.

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I have a question about the contents of this stuff. I went to buy it a couple of weeks ago and the warnings scared me. I have a son with severe allergies and asthma so I'm trying to clean the air and go a little greener. Does anyone know what makes this stuff work so well? I'm in need of a good stain remover but don't want to compromise my son's health. Any input would be appreciated.

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While I haven't tried Greased Lightening yet, it is one of the few landlord-approved cleaners for the bathtub in my apartment.

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I have been using Greased Lighening for years also. I own a cleaning service and it is a great product. I buy it in gallons at Home Depot. I think it is around $6.00 a gallon. It cleans like Fantastic cleaned years ago before the gov. made them take the phosphates out of it. Set the sprayer to stream instead of spray. This way the micro-droplets will not be suspended in the air for as long. This works like a charm on kitchen ceiling fan blades. Just dip a scrub sponge in GL and apply to the top of blade and let it sit. The grease is removed in one try. Rinse with water and let dry. When dry I apply paste car wax or Gel-Gloss to the blades and they remain dust free for months with just a swipe of a static duster.

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Greased Lighting is great for cleaning litter boxes. When you do your maintenance of litter boxes, i.e., washing and then refilling with clean litter. Just spray the box with greased lighting, let sit for 5 minutes and hose out. No need to scrub. Any stuck on litter, etc comes right out.

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