recommendations for floor sweepers?

JerriJune 13, 2008

After reading this forum for a few weeks I made some purchases.

the lotus, which I love.

a sharp floor steamer, ditto.

I have a cheap vacuum cleaner but it is useless on linoleum floors. I love my floor steamer, but I sure don't love sweeping first. Is there a good electric floor broom out there that won't break the bank?

we live out in the country: on a farm, on a sand road. So sand is always going to be the recurring enemy. It's that powdered-sugar blow sand that the shortgrass prairie so generous sprinkles everywhere, inside and out.

Any suggestions? I need to jump fast before dh finds a farm-related way to spend our tax return lol.

thanks so much, I have learned so much here.


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I bought my DD a portable Eureka vacuum. It looks like an electric floor broom. I saw it being used in a restaurant to clean up after a messy toddler, and I was sold on it. DD dearly loves it. It has a plug-in battery that you unplug when you want to use it and a low head that fits under lots of furniture. She has a 17 month old son and thinks it is great. I think I paid in the 30 some dollar range for it at the hardware store last Christmas.

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thank you Sheila, I'll look for one. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back here to find your answer.

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I use the swiffer floor vac with microfiber pad for sweeping, I love it.

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We have all tile floors and lots of sand. The best thing I have found is an old fashioned carpet sweeper - you know, the kind that doesn't plug in and doesn't require batteries. It has brushes the pick up the sand etc. and deposit it inside the cleaner. You just dump the dirt outside when it gets full. It works beautifully; picks up every little bit and leaves nothing behind. So easy! Mine is no longer made, but you can still find them at an Oreck store. See the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oreck sweeper

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