if no plastic ... what will I use?

vieja_gwJune 17, 2008

I couldn't find a site where this would really be suited, so ... :

Now that the issue of plastic bags is so 'hot': ... getting rid of plastic bags for groceries, etc. & using our own cloth/canvas bags when we shop, I was wondering what can replace the plastic bags we buy to line our waste baskets? Actually, I recycle the grocery bags I bring home & line the wastebaskets with them that they fit & they get recycled when full in the trash or I take the unused plastic grocery bags back to stores that have a recycle bin there. With all our technology, can't 'plastic' bags be made that will degrade in the landfill, oceans, etc. Hard to think of something to replace them that is disposable, biodegradable, water proof, affordable?

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I no longer use plastic shopping bags. I bring my own everywhere. As far as garbage's go, I use a regular plastic bag in the main garbage (which is too big for a "grocery" plastic bag) and in the smaller ones around the house I don't use any liners, I just empty them into the big bag and wipe out the garbage can. Also, it's a misconception to call them "recycled" because they're being used after you bring them home. They're being "reused" but still end up in a land fill for an as yet undetermined amount of time. If you must use a liner you could try to find biodegradable ones. They have them for "doggie bags" so they must be available for regular garbage.

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Way way back in the "oldendays" when the world was new and all, we used paper bags. There are farms where trees are grown especially for the paper industry.
When you went to the grocery store, yougot your grocerys in apaper bag, which stood up by itself if properly packed and once used could be reused for many many things. Like garbage, or a Halloween costume, or to drain greasy things, or wrap a package for mailing.
I loved paper bags!....and that's one of the things I like about Trader Joe's
Linda C

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You can get biodegradable bags -- they are made of cornstarch. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Earth Office Supply

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lindac: Yes, paper bags are great for things other than those that are wet ... like kitchen wet wastes or greasy garbage. I do not have a disposal in the kitchen sink & really don't want one as I do compost most food wastes in the garden but there are many times I have wet material or greasy stuff that can't be composted. Wonder if the big recycling bags that the City furnishes that we use for newspapers, cans, plastic are biodegradable?! And the numerous sizes, types of 'baggies' that we all use? Here in the dry SW even paper does not readily decompose .... digs many, many years later find newspapers in readible condition!

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Well...if you think paper takes a long time to decompose...just think how long plastic takes.
If you fold a few sheets of newspaper into the bottom of a paper bag the grease won't soak through as fast.
I was married in 1957. We didn't have a disposer until easily 10 years later, all veggie peelings and other non-meat stuff, went into the compost, but chicken skin and bones left over cooked casseroles, plate scrapings, all went into a step on garbage can in the kitchen.
And in the winter, the potato peelings and limp lettuce leaves went in as well.
We had plastic bags, but they were expensive and for food use and we washed them and reused them until they pretty well wore out.
Linda C

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