Part II - Easter/Spring has Sprung on My Porch! (pic heavy)

jeannespinesApril 16, 2011

Dollbaby was quite persistent today (kind of like my coughing!) here she is again sitting in the GKids' other rocker on the porch...DH built that rocker some yrs back. That wicker-like trunk to the right of her holds "girly" stuff. The glass birdfeeder totem I put tog & shared on the GJ forum a few yrs ago:

Spring is here! (at least per the calendar!) my little girl statue holding a bunny & little boy are back on the old the fountain:

Here's a closer view with froggy candle:

Another of my fav places on the porch to change holiday decor is the corner "door cabinet." It's made by DH from an old door from my sister's farmhouse which was torn down. I designed it & we added extra crown molding & such. Here's the top shelf w/seasonal bluejays:

Then the next 3 shelves...had to empty it & wash my Heisey Lariat elegant glass collection...(of course changing to Spring is good excuse for getting that done!)

Here's a close-up of the fairy shelf & the hand-painted large Lariat plate...the pink depression glass was my G'ma's..I don't know if it's a replicate or original...but I love it:

Here's bottom shelf...shows some of the intricate design of that great old door:

And I had to bring "Mama Bunny" out to the basket end table on the she is watching over everything:

And here's a fullview of the door cabinet w/Mama Bunny nearby:

Now, if only someone would wash my porch windows, I would be done! :-) TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne..Again...Love it ALL!!
Is this an enclosed porch? It's nice that you can put so many pieces of furniture and delicate items on it.
I love all the nice 'Natural' touches. The cabinet that' has your Glass collection looks just lovely. I remember it from last year and was impressed how DH made it from your Sis' Farm Door. All the fairy/children figurines and the little bunny, again, add such tranquility to everything. Even the little fountain...I can just imagine sitting there and relaxing so peacefully! I like how you added the single pink glass that was your GrandMa's for a touch of subtle color...perfect! Do you have more of them or just the one? It's a lovely piece.
Thanks again Jeanne for your 'Porch Tour'! Loved it all.


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Jeanne, I love it all! - Marylee

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Oh....pretty and EVERY word that Jane just said. I have long loved your porch. And your yard. And your house.
LOL. Fun to see Dollbaby got out of the high chair and is enjoying other places to sit now. ;o)

That totem 'birdfeeder' by Dollbaby looks more like a birdbath now. Its wonderful.

hugs, Karen

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That door cabinet is fantastic. So great that your DH was able to use it and make such a nice cabinet out of it. Your glass collection looks just right in it. How fun that Dollbaby has a "choice" of chairs to sit in. Love your fairys too. Everything looks great. Gosh, I wish that cough would go away and leave you alone. Enough already, right? Luvs

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Jeanne, loved looking at all your porch decor tonight. That door you and DH made is wonderful and beautifully decorated. Dollbaby and your glass birdfeeder totem is so cute together. Excellent job making the feeder and so darn cute. Momma bunny is adorable and looks great sitting on the basket end table. Cutest watch dog I've seen in a long time.


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Oh my goodness, more wonderful pictures to drool over!! Everything is my favorite. I have never seen any thing like the cabinet your DH made from the door. It is the perfect spot for you lovely glass collection. TFS Jeanne.

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Thanks, holiday-ers...yes, I am doing better each day (DH, too)...coughing is not gone, but much less, thank goodness! I want to get outside in the gardens...but weather must co-operate, too!

jane, yes, this is a 3-season porch & we have a little electric stove heater that we can use & open up the sliding doors to the DR when GK's come home to play! We love the's almost as old as house...40 yrs. ranch style ...but finished off inside, carpeted cement floor, paneled & replaced windows in the last 10 yrs. or so.

And, yes, Jane, that single pc of Depression glass is all I have from G'ma' is pretty...I must look up the pattern name has pink glass spoon, too. (can't remember if I added that later?)

Thanks, Marylee... & yes, Purplemoon, that totem does look like a bird bath...I got the 2 glass birds at StVincentDPaul, the heavy aqua glass dish at a GS & the 1 pc bottom at HLobby...when I made it.

luvs, punk & nana...Dollbaby can be a pistol, all right! Yeah, now she wants to be out there playing, too! Glad you enjoyed her. And the "door" cabinet is my fav pc out there...just an original & reminds me of my sis' old farm house.

Thanks, holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Well Jeanne...I think if I drive my van, my DH and I could get that corner cabinet in there! LOL! LOVE it! What a great idea to use the door from your sister's house...and such a wonderful way to remember her house and your sister. The bluejays are beautiful and the Lariat platter is to die for! So many nice things..your Mama bunny, your statuary, etc. Just so pretty......

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Love, love the door cabinet, all the nooks and crannies make great display. It really shows off all your treasures perfectly. My favorite is the fairy and pink glass shelf.

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It all look wonderful! What a great porch you have there!
Glad you are feeling better. Doll baby is looking well too!

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