Daily Shower Spray

jeriJune 14, 2010

Anyone use these?

IÂm on a quest to find the quickest ways to keep my house clean and looking nice. We have glass doors, would you not use a squeegee if you use a daily spray? Or would you not spray the glass if you use a squeegee?

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i would, and have, used a squeegee daily in the shower.

i'm not impressed by the results of the daily sprays.

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I tried the Scrubbing Bubbles and the glass looked awful after it dried. Darn  I really was hoping this would work. IÂm trying the Method brand today...

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If you stop using bar soap - that will go a long way in keeping your shower clean. Bar soap leaves oily scum that is stubborn and gross. I haven't used it for years. We only use liquid body washes, and squeegee after every shower. It doesn't take long at all. I even squeegee down the tile walls. No chemicals needed.

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we got our shower 100% clean. Now I use method shower cleaner almost everyday... I use it as I'm in the shower. I figure it's natural so it's not to terrible, plus Im going to wash off anyway. This method has kept the shower looking great and only takes a few seconds of my time.

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I also never use bar soap or the daily shower sprays (I hear they make it worse). I keep a small bottle of Dawn dish liquid in my shower. After I shower I keep the water running in the shower head and wipe the shower down with a little Dawn on a wash cloth. I do this about once a month. It only takes a few seconds and it's been perfectly clean for years now. I would highly recommend it.

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My BF keeps a sponge in the shower and wipes down the glass door after use. It's quick and keeps it clean.

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I'm with singleton165, a sponge in the shower & wipe down the door and the walls after each shower. It only takes a minute and it saves a lot of scrubbing.

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This is good timing for me. We're about to move into our new house with a lovely tile shower in the master.

What if only 1 of you will actually wipe it down after each use? Will that still help (sometimes our showers are hours apart, though). Do you wipe down the floor, too?

Thanks for the suggestions.

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I have a bathtub with a shower and plastic shower curtain. I find I'm the only one (out of four people) in my family who wipes down the tiles after a shower. I also bought a pretty good quality plastic shower liner, that it can be washed in the washing machi9ne. Even if I'm the only one, our tub and shower stay clean. Did I mention I'm the only one who hangs up towels to dry AND the one who does ALL the laundry?

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We have a curtain rack above the glass doors and a shower curtain liner hangs inside the doors. A more decorative curtain hangs outside the doors. The glass doors are never used and rarely need cleaning. The whole arrangement looks better than the glass doors too.

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We have 3 showers in use daily  so unless I want to rotate where I shower, the sponge will not work. I can train the others to use a spray  so I was really hoping that would work.

IÂm going to finish the bottle of Scrub-n-bubbles I bought and then switch to Method since that gets better reviews. So far, the shower may be clean (fingers crossed), but the class looks awful. :-\

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I went through several bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles and didn't think it really cleaned thoroughly, it only kept the shower smelling fresh.

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Put locks on the bathroom doors and tell them to go to the Y, health club, or stink like a goat. This is not about the shower but you have enabled this behavior for years, starting with your husband. Monkey see monkey do and if DH does not do it why should they? It's never too late to retrain. When I was married my X would never wipe the tile or doors. I never used the Master Bath. I would make her pay to have the doors replaced when ever they looked too bad! My bathroom was perfect as it was cleaned every day. And before you say anything in reply, my X never cleaned a bathroom, pushed a vac, hosted the holiday parties, and these were sit down dinners for 60 people, and lasted 12 hours. This was not paper and plastic either, it was Lenox, Waterford, and sterling. It was all premarital so it came to me in the divorce. She had 3 hip replacements before she was 50 and I waited on her hand and foot. She called after the divorce, asking what type of softener I used. She never did laundry either. I left her all the products and the sheets didn't feel right to her. I then told her that she has not slept on un-ironed sheets in 26 years and if she wanted them to feel that way, she would have to iron them. That did not go over too well. If I could do all of this and you are unable to set a few guidelines. U R in for a rough time as they don't get better with age.

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Never use bar soap again. It builds up in the shower. I keep a bottle of Dawn dish liguid in shower and use a wash cloth to scrub it down, glass doors and all. Never have any problems. I'm so used to doing it this way.

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Do you folks who don't use bar soap use things like Dove body wash and a "scrunchy" scrubber? One of our bathrooms is tiled in BLACK tile. Do you still use a squeegee?

What do you do about your cast iron enameled WHITE TUB, and how often?

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I use Dove bar soap and never have a ring in the tub and use dish washing liquid to clean the tub. Dove slides off surfaces unlike most bare soap. It also slides off the body. My dermatologist confirmed that is the best. I have lived in this house for 5 years and never cleaned my shower. I use Dove, I squeegee the flat surfaces, then dry the shower with an old towel. It still sparkles like new. I tried the spray when it came out and my husband broke out in hives the next time used the shower.

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You know sorry, but I simply cannot make my husband do anything. It is easier said than done. He simply refuses or he won't do it. I asked him if he would squeegee after a shower and he said get real and gave me a look of disgust. I don't have the kind of power over him to get him to do anything. Sorry, but that would not work at my house. Training is not going to happen, lol. I did actually get him to do a half baked job of wiping the chrome off after a shower so I consider that I am doing pretty well. He is a good man in so many other ways and as they say, you have to pick your battles : /

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I just discovered Melaleuca Tub & Tile. I cleaned our glass shower a couple of weeks ago and it stayed relatively water-spot clear (cleaned it again this morning). We have very hard water. I'm actually pretty impressed.

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I have also heard of people putting Rain-X that stuff for car windows on their shower doors. I bought some but have yet to put it on.

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melaleuca Is privately held and has a political agenda.
The wiki on the owner and his other attributes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frank Valdersloot - melaleuca

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I use a squeege that I bought in the automotive dept at Walmart -it's very flexible. I quickly use the squeege than use an old towel to wipe the glass. I make sure that the towel does not have any fabric softner on it. I think that makes the glass smear. I have not had to clean my shower for over 6 months. Daily wiping just keeps it clean and mildew free. Also, be sure to run your fan extra long.

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I've used a couple different "daily shower" sprays. One didn't work well, but I can't report what it is since the label peeled off and I can't remember the brand. Method works very well. I believe they are just dilute surfactant sprays, but according to Cooks Illustrated (test of all-purpose spray cleaners), Method uses higher-quality surfactants than many other brands.

I've also used squeegees. Out of 3 brands I've tried, one was much better than the other two - a more flexible blade. But I don't know which brand it was. However, I find it quicker and easier to spray Method than to squeegee. And spraying requires no bending or squatting to reach the whole shower.

Using Method sometimes, plus a squeegee occasionally, I've gone months without having to clean my shower. And our water is very hard, and my husband not only uses bar soap, he lathers up and splashes it all over like mad.

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We have used a spray that worked extremely well. I can not remember the name right now but will post it later-- no scum on shower doors and kept mold and mildew at bay...

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I keep a Magic Eraser in the tub. I clean everything then clean myself. Pretty easy. I don't do it everyday and it still stays pretty ick-free. Although I don't have glass doors, I don't see why it wouldnt work for them.

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