Cleaning oven door glass

Busymama1214June 17, 2014

My husband is a real GENIUS!! He found a way to clean the interior door glass on our oven. He got a slim man's tie and the handle of a fly swatter, and made a slit in one side of the tie. He then bent the end of the fly swatter handle slightly so it would make the tie put a little pressure on the glass. Next, he slid the handle into the slit on the tie, then sprayed glass cleaner on the tie (wet, but not dripping). He then slid the tie-covered handle down through one of the holes at top of door frame, and was able to push the tie around to clean the drip. He also put the tie down through some of the other holes and swished the tie back & forth like a windshield wiper. It cleaned the whole glass panel perfectly! I then cleaned the outer glass and it all looked Brand New! Nothing to take apart on the oven. Absolutely Genius!!

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Guys are kinda good to have around aren't they.

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Very clever!

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My glass comes off with just 2 screws.

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My oven door has been bothering me for years. While there were subtle little differences in the door assembly you guidance was right on the mark. For the stubborn baked on stains in-between the glass I used a straight edge razor blade as if scraping off the burned on sugars on the stove top.

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