How to remove label gum from shoe insoles

annova914June 11, 2009

I just bought two pairs of sandals both of which had the circle with the size in it glued onto the insoles. I peeled most of the labels off but of course the glue is still on the insoles. So I tried nail polish remover and that didn't help at all otherthan smear the name of the brand on one insole (that's when I stopped). I almost bought Be Gone from Bed Bath & Beyond but the label said not to use it on leather (not sure if the insoles are leather...don't think so but I don't want to risk making any further messes). Has anyone had success with a different solution?

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WD40 works for removing label goo.

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So does lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Use them on shoes bought at Marshalls all the time--circular label with size on it.

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Many, certainly not all, label glues get soft with heat. I use heat to remove labels from shipping cartons that I don't want soaked in my beloved WD-40. Some don't require much heat. Can you take the hair dryer to the label on the insole?

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I have never had any spot left from lighter fluid....but I have had a sticky spot left from using heat.
Mostly I just leave the label's a testimony to my frugality.....or wanton spending! LOL!
Linda C

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Thanks everyone for all the good tips. we didn't have wd40 in the house so my husband suggested rubbing alcohol which got more of the stuff off (enough so I could wear one of the pairs...first dusted my feet with talc powder though, just in case :). I've been wearing the sandals all day. and yes, these sandals are from Marshall's (why do they put those big old orange size stickers on the insoles? sheesh...but they do have good deals!

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Olive oil.

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Vegetable oil, works every time. Just be patient and let it sit on for a few minutes.

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