Help- split red diet kool aid all over light beige carpet

mpp798June 16, 2008

We just moved into our new house. In the middle of the night I knocked over a tall glass of red diet kool aid. I immediately scrubbed and scrubbed with two carpet cleaners. The huge stain is still there, but somewhat faded. I did a search this morning on this website and tried the rubbing alcohol suggestion. (didn't work) I'll buy the peroxide and try that suggestion too. Any other suggestions? I can't believe I did this. Thank you for your help.

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A friend used my Folex to clean up her DDs spilled Lick Em Ade. Took it all out. Folex is available as a carpet cleaning solution at the hardware or carpet store.

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My husband once spilled orange soda under our bed and left it there for me to find months later. I was able to remove it with Spot Shot.

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OxyClean should work. It got a coffee stain off my white bedroom carpet.

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Someone told me that many hairdressers have a stronger peroxide than is sold at the usual stores.

I've kept scraps of an old carpet with red stains and am going to try the stronger peroxides someday.

Someone here, look back to a few months after November '06, said the artificial reds in many drinks could never be removed from many carpets.

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We bought our house in 1980. Within the first two weeks our son spilled a cup of red KoolAid on the gold sculpted living room carpeting. No matter what I tried that stain wouldn't come out.

Every vacuum/rug cleaner salesperson who knocked on the door was directed toward the stain. Over time it faded somewhat but was still evident until the day the carpeting was replaced many years later.

That red dye is some scary stuff.

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KIDDY COCAINE STRIKES AGAIN. I have poured regular hydrogen peroxide straight on white carpet for grape juice stains and it lifted straight off after a couple of times. I have also used it on mattresses and cotton clothing but I must have let it sit too long on the clothing because when I took it out of the washer it was in shreds - did not weaken the mattress or carpet. My son spilled red punch in a new car and that never completely came out. I now don't allowed colored drinks in my cars and in carpeted rooms. One small glass of red koolaid and my grandchildren are swinging from the chandeliers - wheee. Good Luck.

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