cast iron vs. acrylic vs. "solid-surface" tubs

von4nowApril 28, 2014

Another question about my choice of tub for my bathroom remodel. (My other post was about the size of tub if also used for showering.)

I like the dimensions and features of some of the cast iron tubs I have reviewed. But they are so heavy and this bathroom is on the second floor of a split level home built in early 80s. So I don't know if the floor structure is sturdy enough, though it could probably be reinforced. And can the tub even be carried up the stairs?

But how sturdy are the acrylic tubs? What are the features I should be looking for in acrylic tubs? I see some are now labeled as "solid-surface" acrylic and claim to be backed with a stronger fiberglass and titanium particles for added strength and durability.

Any insight will be appreciated!!!

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I just posted that last message before I did a search on this forum for acrylic vs. cast iron and found some very good discussions about it.

But would still appreciate any insight into the weight of the cast iron for a second floor bathroom of a 30 year old home and how to get it up the stairs!

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And can the tub even be carried up the stairs?
Plumbers don't look like Woody Allen for a reason.

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Really only a structural engineer who has visited your home could answer the question of whether the weight would be a problem, IMHO. Anyone else would be guessing.

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Any modern house built to minimum code can have any tub installed and function perfectly and safely without the stamp of a structural engineer.

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a cast iron tub is around 350lbs, while an acrylic is 80lbs. Do you have a tub currently?

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