Anyone use Tec power grout ?

epresslerApril 4, 2013

I am thinking of using Tec's power grout in their dove gray color in my shower with my 4x8 subway tiles. Has anyone used their power grout? I haven't been able to find many unbiased reviews. It sounds great but I'm not sure if I want to risk it without being familiar with it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Just ordered it but haven't used it yet. I too am hoping to hear some responses...

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how did you make out with it

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just had my master bath grouted with it this week. not sure what I think yet. we did a pebble floor in the shower, and after 24hours we ran the shower, and the grout hadn't fully cured yet (there is alot of grout on a pebble floor!) it a few more days to cure, then seal--not sure i believe it is fully sealed!! it was very expensive for sure.

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Following up on my earlier post above. We did the TEC power grout for the walls in the guest bathroom and HATED the results. It just looked "different", a rougher finish, even the installer commented on it. Luckily (for a fee) we dug out most of it and redid it with standard TEC grout. It just looks so much better.

One other thing is we added Boost to the grout for the floor as it is supposed to seal the grout to repel stains. Ended up having a slightly blotchy appearance. I then read plenty of bad reviews of it on Ended up just using standard TEC grout in our master bathroom and just sealed it later the old fashion way. No color variations, normal texture, etc.

The lesson I learned is there really are no shortcuts, just use the standard grout and spend the time to seal it yourself.

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