Smooth Top Stove Spot?

callie25June 23, 2010

I've tried everything to clean a spot on my smooth top stove top (even bon ami & magic eraser) which normally work great on most things. Anyone have any ideas what might clean this? OR are some spots permanent on smooth tops? I've had the stove maybe a year.

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My sister had a glass top stove. She had a brown "scortch" mark that never came out. She tried everything. Sorry.

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What kind of "spot"?

Mine is 5 years old and spotless. If we knew what we were dealing with, we could probably help you.

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I wish I knew what kind of spot it is; it's likely due to grease? I usually am careful, but everything doesn't always stay contained inside the pot/pan you're using (one member mentioned a "scorch mark" which would imply that something simply splattered & got so hot it is embedded? But you would think the top would be tougher? Thoughts?

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I've read that burned sugar can do something nasty (etch?)...I have a small spot where it looks like there is almost a de-lamination somewhere within the layers of the glass, the spot is not on the surface.

And then there's the's a black stove.

I use a razor blade at a 15 degree angle (or so) to scrape off any really stubborn spots...there was a razor scraper that came with my last glasstop but not one with this one...

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Haven't thought about burnt sugar (we make sweet tea alot). Razor blade has always worked well for most things as well as the magic eraser (just hasn't worked on this particular spot. Thanks.

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When all else fails and you really want to remove the spot consider automobile refinishing supplies. Ask some guy with a Corvette.

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If it is indeed sugar, I have actually had to use the tip of a paring knife to scarify the spot enough that it will then be removed with Bar Keepers Friend.

I have since learned to keep sugar far, far away from the stove.

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I had similar spots on my stove when I moved into my new house. I tried magic erasers, razors and all the other cleaning methods I could think of. I finally got it off with a little Bar Keeper's Friend and elbow grease!

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I've had three different smooth cooktops over the last 17 or so years. I had one of them for about 9 years and it still looked like new when we remodeled (and yes...I cook frequently) and gave it away. I prefer Cerambrite smoothtop cleaner, but here's a tip. Squirt it on your cooktop, spread it with your fingers to get even coverage over the soiled areas and then let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Then rub it out/polish it with elbow action and paper towel. Kind of like in the old days when you waxed your car (I'm giving away my age).

I've never needed to use the razor blade method. By polishing it occasionally as explained above, you will actually build a 'patina' that makes it easier to keep clean the longer you have it.

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I let a wet dishcloth sit on the spot for 15 minutes and then use a stovetop cleaner with a nylon scrubber. I have even use the metal ones without any scratches.

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I don't have a ceran top but my mom does. I bought this sponge for her and she says it cleans stains really well. I'm in Canada though ... not sure if this is available in US or where you would get it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vileda

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Is the spot raised up, or flush to the surface?

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Just use Easy Off, in the yellow can and not the Fume Free in the blue can. I had a smooth top for 16 years and that's all I ever used. Just leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse it off. If this is a ring, and not just 1 spot, it is burned on grease, turned to carbon. I use Easy Off to clean all of my Corning Ware and Pyrex. I just spray it after dinner and watch TV and the next morning I just wash it and throw it in the DW. I am too old to be scraping and scrubbing, when I don't have to. Easy Off works great in the interior of stainless steel pans if U have burned something. U don't have to scratch the surface so everything sticks.

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The spot on my stove top is flush (razor didn't work, but usually does on other spots I've had). I've tried everything & still have the spot. I suppose last thing to try is the Easy Off. My best guess is that it was the sugar (I since don't use sugar near the stove top). Thanks for all your suggestions.

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