A Child's Easter Decorations

kirkusApril 2, 2012

My wife has been living away from us for the past 10 weeks, caring for her elderly parents. Our lives have been topsy-turvy...so I almost didn't decorate for Easter. Then I thought of our 2 youngest kids (ages 5 and 11)... I brought out the Easter decorations, and our 5 year old son went CRAZY! He said, "Does this mean the Easter Bunny is coming?!" He was sooo excited and set up this little scene. His excitement touched my heart.

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Oh, precious! I can see his eyes lighting up & I bet your DD enjoyed this, too! Wonderful! Keep up the good work & enjoy Spring break! Hugs to all! Jeanne S.

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Kirk, so sweet of your DW to take care of her parents and you to support her. It is wonderful that you would think of Easter decorations for the kids. Your little one sure knows how to make you SMILE!!! Looks great.


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You know I just love this, and little Benjamin. What a delightful Easter Village.

You and Carol are the best...in every way!
hugs, Karen

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Kirk, I'm sorry your wife has to be away right now.
There are so many challenges in life.
Your children are so lucky to have your as their Dad.
I know they will remember you getting out the decorations so the Easter Bunny would come.
Your little guy did a terrific job decorating.

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That's a great story. You keep that memory inside you for the rest of your life.

Happy Easter.

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