Need thoughts on this plan for primarily 1 person household

katmuMarch 16, 2014

I have the bids back from the builder, and while they are within my budget they are near the top of my budget so I'm wondering if I should go a little smaller so I don't have to worry about compromising on the finishes. The vast majority of the time it will be just me in the house. My older son, has autism so I did choose a walkout lot in the event I may eventually need to put in an in-law type suite if his supported housing were ever to fall through.

This plan is about 100 sq ft smaller than the plan I originally selected. I would still change a few things- roof to be a simple gable, and if possible I would prefer to have the master face the back. Thoughts on a house with only 1 bath on the main level? I would rough-in another bath in the basement.

I did also find a smaller version of my original plan that reduces the size of the kitchen, dining area and living room by 2' and the kitchen layout becomes a peninsula so that's the other option I'm considering. My furniture would still fit in the smaller spaces. The rest of the plan stayed the same.

Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1388 Sq Ft 2 BR plan

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I think it's a cute little place and would be comfortable for one.

The master closet is small. I'd open up the space under the large stairs for more storage . . . No, wait, those stairs go down. Not possible.

If you have a problem overall, it's storage.

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MrsPete- The storage was my main concern, especially the master closet and the kitchen.

This is the other plan I was looking at, although with a number of changes:
1. different exterior and roof line (I'm going to try to scan in and clean up the elevation)
2. Expand the pantry to be a walk-in
3. Expand the laundry room to add a locker / bench cabinet.
4. Add a 2' bay to the dining area
5. Add a gas fireplace and built-ins to the great room.

They both have things I like. I really need to decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Country style house plan

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You might try to visit the small homes forum and find an old, very kind gal, named... phoggie. She had Summerfield design her plan, and it was built by Mennonites. Those search terms might get you to her plan. It was a very nice, simple plan and very livable for her one self. I'll see if I can find it and post back.

I found it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Found it!

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(Looking at that plan, it has no stairs, and is a little larger than you require... But, maybe it will give you an idea about different space planning.

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Your first plan is nice. I should think it would be easy to switch the master to the rear bedroom, and if the front bedroom can be a little smaller, for example if you plan to use it as a den or study, you could add closet space to the back bedroom.

In the kitchen, if you can move the laundry room door to the end of its wall (yes, leaving you with a small closet)' you could spread the range and fridge out a bit; as it is, it's like mine and I wish for at least a foot more space to the left of the range.

One thing I like about the first plan is the stairs, they seem to be a more gracious, yet private, connection to the basement.

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I do like the Summerfield plan, especially the kitchen & pantry, LR/DR and laundry areas. It's a bit bigger than what I need though.

I'm wondering how it might work to switch the kitchen layout of Plan 1 to be more like the peninsula of the Summerfield plan? and maybe adjust the door into the laundry like bpathome suggested? I was planning to convert the folding counter into more of a locker/bench type cabinet, so a smaller coat closet there would be ok. I would really still like to find space for a pantry though.

I did find another version of Plan #1 with an elevation that is closer to what I was thinking. If possible, I would like to have more of a porch similar to plan 2 or the summerfield plan though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plan 1 Alternate Elevation

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I would prefer one nice, spacious, elder friendly large bath to two small cramped ones, especially if you will be living on the first floor alone. I definitely prefer the first plan.

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I've tried to mock up (by just cutting and pasting so it's not pretty) what I was thinking of changing. I'm wondering if the revised layout in the kitchen might give me enough room for a corner pantry? I would also probably add a longer counter in the mudroom also.

I'm really liking the one bigger bathroom too.

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I would say, nay on the room for a corner pantry... It just isn't there. You need that counter between the sink and stove for prep.

I'm hoping you'll get some help from Naf_naf, or similar... or, LavenderLass--someone with more cut/paste technical ability than I do.

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Nice changes! No corner pantry. Now, the linen closet. You have a lot of storage in the bathroom, but what if you rotated the closet to open in the bathroom? Then you could use the wall for pretty decor.

In the laundry, swap the dryer over to the wall for ducting. I like that now you have room next to the machines for a wastebasket and hanging stuff up. Do you need that much folding counter space, or do you need a place for your vacuum? Oh, maybe you're planning to keep it in the linen closet.

Now, this may be thinking too far ahead, but would you like a door from the mudroom to outside, and a stoop or pad out back of the garage?

And. Btw, I really I like the protected front stoop.

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I did make an alternate with a small pantry to the left of the fridge.

For the bath, I was thinking about maybe doing the linen inside the bath, but I was having a hard time getting it to look right by cutting and pasting.

In the laundry, most of the folding counter would actually be a locker/bench cabinet for coats & boots. I do like the idea of moving the dryer over.

A door from the mudroom to outside might be a good idea, as I have a Lab mix so it might be nice to bring her in there if she's muddy.

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Wow. I built 1350 sq. ft. (2 story, so only 700 sq. ft. basement) for one and aim to raise my family in it...husband and if I can convince him after the first two, three kids! I can't imagine 1388 for just one (maybe two). I don't even know what to do with half my space right now that the dog has her own bedroom ;)

Just saying that I think you'll be happy with the smaller footprint and even taking some space away will still have tons of space. :)

(I grew up with 5 in 1450 sq. ft. with basement and my DH had 5 in 1200 sq. ft. with no basement...)

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Awnmyown- I too grew up in a small house, 1200 sq ft for 4. And we lived in my current house of about 1500 sq ft (not including the basement) as a family of 4 so I'm feeling that my new place is going to be plenty of space for just me.

Now if I can just work on your trick of getting the dog to take bedroom #2. :)

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A cleaner image of what I'm planning to do. I'm really liking it.

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Nice! skootch the range over a bit to have some prep space, and room for a drawer of spatulas and a Susan or something underneath.

Ya know, do you need a linen closet, or would a hutch-like piece work in the bathroom? Something pretty when the bathroom door is open, a spot for pretty things in the open middle, but still lots of storage?

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Although I'm not a huge fan of pocket doors, they do have their place, and in your house, the place would be your hall bath, especially since you will be the only one usually using this bath. The I would put the linen closet across from the toilet; the room will seem much bigger this way. In fact. I would put a small vanity sitting area, since I'm blind as a bat and need an upclose look into a mirror to put on makeup, and get tired of leaning across the counter to peer into the mirror. :( A place to sit will be nice as you get older, as well.

Good luck.

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Additional windows in the bedrooms?

Definitely move the range over toward the fridge. Mine was that close to the corner prior to remodel, and even an extra foot between sink and range has made the kitchen so much more functional.

For one person, I don't know that you need a huge amount of pantry space, especially if your cabinets go to the ceiling. I suggest putting 12" or 15" deep cabinets next to the fridge, facing west (if the top of your drawing is north). You can go with a wall of cabinets floor to ceiling, or a counter as a landing zone as you come into the house. The shelves won't be so deep that you'll lose things in the back, so you don't have to add pullouts, which would take up space. That gives you more space to the right of the range, both counter and cabinet.

This is a nice, efficient layout - I like it! And I can see a porch swing on the covered entry.

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I like the idea of the pocket door in the bath. And I will move the range over a bit. I have a shallow (maybe 15") pantry cabinet now in my current kitchen and it holds quite a bit.

I was thinking about maybe some extra windows like the high windows in this picture on the wall where the bed would be in the master.

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Love those windows! This is what I would do if I were building a home right now!

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I've been going back and forth about what to do, but now that my son is finally settled into supported housing I'm trying to focus on the house again. I definitely want to spruce up the elevation. I'm looking at something similar to the one in the link.

And one more change I'm leaning towards in the plan is to add a 1/2 bath but with a larger sink since I will be giving up the laundry tub. I also put in a broom closet / cabinet next to the washer/ dryer. Opinions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Alan Mascord Pasadena

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I was looking at a sink similar to this for the powder room.

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We had a U-shape stairs in our original plan and turned them into an L. We were able to get an extra closet on the main floor with the change. I like your plan!

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So glad to hear your son is settled, that will settle your mind, too :)

My half-bath is through the laundry, and I'd like to change the laundry sink to counter spacew/drawers and have a powder room sink like in the link. It gives a little drying space and work space, kind of like a kitchen sink.

In your laundry closet, maybe a pullout broom closet, where you could easily get to everything. But, what are the lockers for, if not one for brooms?

Here is a link that might be useful: The ones in the top line, to the right

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I really like those sinks. I've been to a few salvage places here and seen some bigger versions of those. I'm on the hunt for a small one.

I was looking at an open type cabinet for the lockers, mostly for coats, boots & shoes, & dog leashes, like in the picture but without the window.

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I think the change to the add a 1/2 bath is a nice one.

I would however change back the door to the bathroom to a regular door from a pocket door or it will generally always be left open. I have bathroom doors that open against the linen cabinet in my current house and in my last house and don't find that to be a problem. You don't access stuff in the linen enough to be bothered that the bath door has to be closed to do it.

I would avoid having windows above the bed - noisy with rain hitting them (or hail), hard to open window treatments during the day (need to climb on the bed to reach middle one, unless you don't shorten the cord to match the window), straight path down for the spiders to drop with their web strings. I think this is more of a personal preference one though, but worth considering what you would think about actually living with it.

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Re the pocket door, I was thinking it's totally appropriate here. Basically one person household, the bathroom is pretty much out of sight and sight lines, and it's such a small space a pocket door works well. If sight lines are a concern, the toilet and sink could swap places.

I see what you mean about the lockers. I love that picture!

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Keep in mind closing a pocket door is not as easy as closing a regular door as far as gripping if you are wanting to age in place.

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For the linen in the main bath, I was thinking of something like the cabinet to the right of this picture instead of a regular linen closet. I have a cabinet like this now but it's in the hall and not actually in the bath. Thoughts on locating it in the bath vs. in the hall and would you still switch it to a regular door?

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I've never had an actual closet, I've always had cabinets for linens. I feel anything else wastes some space and is harder to access and organize. I wouldn't put a pocket door to the bathroom again if I could avoid it.

My old house where I lived by myself had a pocket door to the hall bath. I would prefer not doing that again, but there was no other option in that bath or I would have changed it out. Thankfully it only had a bit of sight line from the kitchen of part of the vanity (non-sink part) and the linen cabinet. Yours though has a sight line from the dinette, kitchen, family room, depending on where you are, of the tub and potentially part of the toilet.

My current house has a door opening to the linen cabinet for our 2nd bath. It is just fine to have to close the door when needing to access it. Maybe I don't access it as often as you do. Just consider how often you would be accessing it in a day and will having a door there bother you?

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