Pros & Cons of Rangetop vs. Range Oven?

pbx2_gwApril 9, 2012

We were dead set on getting a gas free standing range oven like a Wolf R304 30" or something similar.

But with a child in our future would it make more sense to get a Rangetop & move the oven to a wall?

I guess besides safety for the little guy, it maybe even be less expensive esp with cutting the Wolf in half & replacing the oven with another brand.

Another consideration is would a Wolf Rangetop lose cache for future home resell vs a Wolf full range?

So the questions for me that I would love to get some insights on are:

1) Performance between rangetop vs. range oven?

2) Practicality between 2?

3) Cost benefit of separating the oven from the range?

Thanks for any replies.

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It's really a matter of personal choice. I can't answer your questions specifically, can tell you my experience.

We had a wall oven and a cooktop. We recently replaced the cooktop with a 36" Wolf DF, and kept the wall oven (best of both worlds, and allows for 2 ovens--wold recommend it if it's a possibility for you.)

I absolutely love the range, and there's no way I'd go back, even if it meant having to give up my wall oven.

The wall oven has some definite pros:

1) It's slightly higher than the range oven, and this makes it much more comfortable to use, especially when taking frequent temperatures, lifting heavy pans of food, and stirring things in the oven

2) If I'm at the range, DH can be working on something in the oven (or vice versa), and we aren't in each other's way.

3) Some people (although, not me) find that the stove is uncomfortably hot to stand in front of while the oven is in use

4) Some people find the oven door bar on the range presses uncomfortably into their legs

5) The Wolf range oven door is heavy

I'm not sure whether there is a particular benefit to the range oven, per se, as compared to a Wolf or comparable wall oven. Some of the appliance gurus on this forum can speak to that.

Some people (and I'm one...) just *adore* the Wolf range. That could be a big selling point at resale time--a gorgeous, professional range. But as many a GWer has explained to me, the tastes of future buyers are hard to predict!

As for your little one, my range oven doesn't get any hotter than the wall oven. The handle is lower to the floor, though, if you're worried about your little one pulling the door open.

I think you'll be thrilled either way. Hope this was helpful!

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I prefer a range because of having it under the vent hood when I broil!

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Thank you Madeline616 for your nice & detailed thoughts.
What it ultimately boils down to is there is no right or wrong only what makes us happy.

@ eandhl - I guess I can see where you are coming from broiling wise!

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With separate units, you can choose each based on what you want from it specifically and independently from the features you may want from the other. For example, I love my Wolf L wall ovens, but my rangetop is from another company as I wanted open burners and none of the cleaning issues Rhome410 has with her Wolf.

It's really personal preference. Besides, with the Wolf rangetop you'd still get the red knobs. ;)

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I briefly considered a range top w/2 walls but then realized how often I transfer things from the cooktop to the oven. After that it was a no brainer to get the range, I can't imagine carrying a cast iron skillet from the range to wall oven. Still keeping the double stack too :)

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I have a range and I often use my burners at the same time as my oven and I like to be able to check things in the oven while I am cooking. I like to start things on the top and then finish them in the oven. I like to broil and use the vent. I have a Wolf and my door does not get hot so I do not notice any heat from the door.

I also have a wall oven and although it is small, I use it a lot as well.

So, the best of both worlds to me would be a range with good ventilation and a wall oven.

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Thanks for all your inputs!

That's another good point you've brought up.
I can see that moving items from stove top to oven over a shorter distance is definitely a consideration.

Limiting any waist/lower back strain would be a true concern.

An alternative would be if the oven was in a close by wall @ waste height - no?

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Hi Pbx,

Yes, oven in a nearby wall @ waist height is what I have (only now I have the range oven, too, but it used to be the cooktop, with the wall oven nearby, at waist height).

This is a great setup.

I'd really strongly recommend going to the Wolf showroom and pretending you're using the range. Ask them for a heavy pot, etc., and really spend some time without the salesman right there, so you can focus on whether it feels right. This is when I discovered the difference (back-wise) between my wall oven and the lower range oven. It's significant.

The other posters have brought up great points about checking the oven quickly and conveniently while cooking on the stove. But yes, if your oven is close by, it's just a few paces.

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A wall oven eliminates precious counter space unless you have a large kitchen. And separate cooktop and wall ovens are wayyyy more expensive than a comparable stand-alone ranges, if that means anything. Like eandhl, I like having my oven underneath the vent hood.

Don't worry about which one is best with kiddoes in your life. Children grow fast, and learn how to live safely within their environment. If range ovens were safety hazards, they wouldn't be allowed in family homes.

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