Wolf 36" L series wall oven under a 36" induction cooktop?

strayerdarbApril 22, 2013

Does anyone have this oven? It looks like it is 3 or 4 inches shorter in height than the 30" wall oven. Since I can't find a 36" induction range, I am considering putting a 36" induction cooktop and this 36" wide Wolf oven underneath it. Would that work? I read that it is not good ergonomically to do this because the oven will be very low, but if this Wolf oven is shorter in height would that help a bit? As in it could be installed a few inches higher off the floor than the 30" one?

If I could get a 36" induction range I would not have to consider this alternative. I could do a 36" duel fuel range instead, but I wanted to change to induction over gas.

Related to this question - are any companies making/going to make a 36" induction range? I really need the extra room on the cooktop part.

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