Advantium Replacement Options?

applnutApril 1, 2014

We currently have a 120v 27" Monogram Advantium. I mostly like it, though we rarely (once a year, if that) use the speed cook functions and instead rely on it as a microwave and occasional proofing or warming box. I like the soften and melt features, as well as the warm and proof options and wouldn't want to lose those.

Here's my dilemma: for the third time since install about 6 years ago, the turntable motor has failed. The first was replaced in warranty, the second we replaced ourselves and cost approx. $300. Now we're debating whether to fix it again, knowing it will likely only last a year or two, or replace it with another microwave oven.

Is there anything else that would look good, do what I need it to and, hopefully, not have the issues I've had with my GE Monogram products? (We also formerly had their double ovens, which were nothing but trouble.)

Other than the turntable issue, the Advantium hasn't been repair-prone but, honestly, three times is kind of enough, especially as I now feel like it will likely continue to fail in the future.

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Bummer. I have the 220 Advantium and use the speed function all of the time. Tonight I reheated thick crust spicy med pizza. Awesome!

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Why can't you just use it without the turntable being operable? My Miele speed oven doesn't have a turntable and it microwaves just fine.

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"Why can't you just use it without the turntable being operable? My Miele speed oven doesn't have a turntable and it microwaves just fine."

Because it wasn't designed to work with a turntable, while the Advantium was.

Do you like your Miele speed oven? Does it work as well as any other sensor microwave?

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Yes, I do like my Miele speed oven very much. I have the less expensive Chef model rather than the Master Chef because I prefer having knobs rather than all touch screen controls.

The microwave does not have sensor functions. You can only set power and time. But I almost never use anything less than full power and I pretty much know how much time something needs. My old microwave had the sensor functions but I never used them.

The great thing about the speed oven is that it is so versatile. In addition to using it as a microwave, I use it as my primary oven rather than heating up my 36" Blue Star range oven. Most baking vessels fit into the oven. I also use the combination functions to bake potatoes quickly and even more, to roast a whole chicken. It takes about an hour, so maybe a third less time than a regular oven.

So the machine does a lot. It is a great addition to my new kitchen.

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The Kitchenaid or Jenn-Air 27" convection/microwave wall ovens may suffice. If you just need a microwave, no convection or warming-drawer function, the same basic oven is sold at Ikea at less than half the price of the first two. All are made by Whirlpool and use similar designs, although they don't seem to sell one under their own brand name. The Ikea unit, which offers several style and color options, is sold as a 24"w piece with two 3" side panels to allow installation in a 30" cabinet. To install in a 27" cabinet, just use one of the side panels (which works as long as you don't mind the asymmetry).

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