Mirror size with tiny sink/bathroom?

LauralenaApril 9, 2014

I have a tiny bathroom with a toilet adjacent to the sink on one side and the shower stall on the other. Here's a pic (pre-renovation). The sink in this pic is 15" wide. However, the new sink that I'm getting is 13" wide (as anything I liked wider than than that came out too far).

As in this photo, the bottom half of the room is tiled; the top half will be painted. I plan to replace the medicine cabinet in the photo with a decorative wall mirror.

My dilemma is that the design "rule" is that a bathroom mirror shouldn't be wider than the sink/vanity below it. In fact, some say it should be one to two inches smaller!!!

This is hardly practical for me.

The old medicine cabinet pictured is 16", so you can see that I can go as wide as about 18" (including frame) to clear the outlet. I'm guessing about 24" inches high.

Would welcome any/all opinions.


P.S. I live in an apartment, so I'm not allowed to move the electrical.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a link to the sink

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I'd mirror that whole section of wall.

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Yes, I thought of that, but I'm really over-budget at this point, so I thought it would just be easiest to hang a mirror. If I DID mirror the entire space, should I take it to the ceiling? Thanks!

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I would unless you plan to mount a light above it (and then I would anyway, but it's often done lower to leave room for the light), and I don't think it would necessarily be that expensive. Measure it, make note of what cutouts you'd need, and call a local glass shop. Mirrors are pretty inexpensive, especially if you can do the install yourselves.

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I will look into it. For the record, I have only two high hats: one inside the shower, one outside. No sink lighting. The room is so small, it doesn't need it.


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Thank you, writersblock!
After more exploration/consideration, I am going to take you up on your suggestion.
I may even frame the whole thing.

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I think, screw that rule and get as wide a mirror as you are able.

I'm planning to put a 48x30 mirror over my 56" vanity. So far I've found nothing already made that I like or in my budget.

Went to my local glass shop and they will make a 1/4" thick mirror, 48x30, unfinished edges, no bevel for $90. To bevel all around (I forget how wide) it's $145 for the mirror. I bring in my own frame and they charge $20 to put the mirror in the frame. They said, the frame comes first. Makes sense. I can get whatever size frame I need via pictureframes.com for under $100.

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The frame would look great, but I'd mount the mirror and then frame it out if you want to keep an outlet there. I don't think you can have an outlet mounted on a regular wall mirror, just on a mirrored wall, if you follow me.

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Oh, I didn't notice the outlet. I guess that limits the size of your mirror.

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Linelle, aren't you in NorCal? Can you tell me where you got that mirror quote? We were quoted $648 for a mirror measuring 60" wide x about 34" high, with two holes cut out for the light fixtures!

As for the outlet, if you want to keep it, you can have a hole cut in the mirror for it.

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sj, I'm in Santa Rosa. I got the quote from B & L Glass (in SR). I've linked to their website (I hope that's okay), and you can find contact info there.

Your mirror is 1.5 times the size I want, but still. Maybe those holes for the cutout are what's driving the price up? Are you planning to frame yours? Mine would have an unfinished edge (covered by a frame), so that would also keep the price down.

I found their prices to be so reasonable, I didn't even bother talking to any other glass companies.

Here is a link that might be useful: B & L Glass

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You may be able to find a large mirror on CL that is close to what you need, then have a glass shop just trim it to size, too.

I did that with a mirror and installed myself. All total for a 36x59" mirror, it was $30 (20 to the CL owner, and $10 for the single cut I had done...)

cut-outs for light fixtures, etc, are going to cost extra, and are extra tricky.

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