Tiling bathroom: minimize time toilet is out of commission?

sam_nyApril 26, 2012


I'm thinking about the logistics of tiling our one bathroom and wondered if anyone had some advice on how to keep the toilet down-time to a minimum. I'm tiling over existing tile, and my plan looks something like this:

Day 1) Rough up existing tile, prime surface, plan layout, pre-cut as many partials as I can;

Day 2) Thinset and lay tile

Day 3) Grout

(I'll seal the grout, caulk, fit the threshold saddle, etc. after that.)

The question of the toilet... I think I can get away with taking it out on Day 2, right before thinset/tile. So:

TOILET DOWN TIME = Time laying tile + thin-set drying time + grout drying time (30 hours?).

Any way I can get those hours down? Fast drying mortar? Install toilet before grout is dry?

I don't want to do a shoddy job, just trying to minimize how much we have to be out of the apt.

Thanks for any tips!


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My wife went to hotel when I did our ONE bath and she regretted it - terrible night sleep. 5-gallon bucket with a little dirt in the bottom works great. Or get cat litter. Not a big deal.
I know a family off the grid that uses a bucket every day.

So, relax and enjoy and do a good tile job.

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Ha! I'm going to run that by my wife just to see the look on her face. I'm pretty sure my three-year-old would be un-phased by the suggestion, though.

But seriously, I see your point and we're not super-squeamish, but I'm pretty sure we'll opt for a stay at the in-laws for the weekend.

Thanks Bill.


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I think you're fine once the grout is in. You need to be careful walking on the floor while the grout is still drying/curing so you don't mess it up, but putting the toilet back in and covering up a few edges of grout shouldn't be a problem.

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