I am rather fascinated by insects but a black ant has gone too ..

albert_135June 28, 2008

I am rather fascinated by insects but a black ant has gotten out of control.

A tiny black ant is swarming around my back door. I cannot come in without bringing ants inside on my feet.

They don't bite nor are they seen carrying bits of detritus around. There is just a swarm milling around.

Sadly, I need to get rid of them.

I completed a chemistry major so I am open to almost any suggestion that works.

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Terro. You can get it at Walmart, Walgreens, any store that sells bug repellent. It is a thick liquid that the ants eat then take back to the nest. It poisons all of the nest, but the unhatched eggs aren't affected; you have to keep it refreshed for a week or so until the new ones have hatched and come out and eat it themselves. It has worked every time I used it.

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Just a note: Terro is great, but it only works on ants that are attracted to sweet. Some are only attracted to grease. If you put the Terro out and no ants start drinking it, you might have to try an alternate plan by adding some oil to the Terro.

Or, you can go the natural route and sprinkle borax (20 MuleTeam is the popular brand) in the area where you see the ants. The borax is poisonous to them and they will carry it back to the nest by walking through it. You can also set out some ant traps by mixing the borax 1-1 with powedered sugar and setting it out in baby food jar lids, or something similar.

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He mentioned tiny black ants, this is the kind that I have had success in treating with Terro. I like the oil idea, I didn't know that!

Sprinkling Borax always worried me, I have three active cats and I where the ants were the Borax would have gotten swooshed away with their tails. With the Terro it is one small drop and you can cover it with an index card folded over like a tent. The cats weren't interested in it, and the card kept their long fur out of the bait.

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They are gone.

I didn't do anything. Just as quickly as they appeared about a week ago they have disappeared. None seen yesterday or today.

Thanks for pondering this with me.

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Good! That is the best outcome, I don't like killing anything but you have to have a level of cleanliness in your home and that doesn't include pests.

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Terro ant killer is borax...w.ith as weetener added.
You can mix your own b7y mixing borax with syrup.
Linda C

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