what to do with plastic eggs

PurplemoonApril 16, 2011

This sure makes those plastic eggs look awfully pretty,

with minimum effort. LOL.

tho its another one of those "Duh, why didn't I think of that!" things!

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: easter egg bouquet

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Cute! Ms not-so-perfect seemed to do a perfect job w/those plastic eggs! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Karen, what a neat idea and so easy. - Marylee

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Duh...gee you're right Karen...why didn't I think of that too!!
I've got tons of those eggs and a bag of those wooden skewers ...
just not thinking 'outside of the box' !
Oh well...notation for next yr! (I've got probably a 100 of them now)..lol


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Jane, I figure if we start NOW, we might get at least half our next year's projects ready. LOL.
I've made myself an album in Photobucket for holiday ideas and crafts. (private, sorry, since some photo ideas I use aren't supposed to copied. Ooops. Me bad)
Let me clarify that, the ideas are out there on the web to be used, but some people don't want their pictures copied and shared. So thoses I keep just for my personal files and don't post on here.

Oh, click on this gal's link that says Create at the top of her blog and then click on her Dollar Tree Cake Stand.
It is pretty, and again super simple!

hugs, Karen

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That turned out really pretty and colorful, but I would never have thought to do it either! Sure perfect to use as a centerpiece or in a vignette. I like that vase she used, the little holes in the top helped hold the skewers really well. Thanks for sharing Karen. Luvs

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Now Karen...quit showing more 'STUFF' to add the 'l00 Things To Do List' ! lol
She has several great ideas on that 'create' site. The one with the cake stand I've done before..but never wanted to totally commit to using glue...just the blue stickem stuff. I really love ideas like this.
Also, I'm so jealous that you are so 'organized' by making a seperate album of all your 'To Do' projects.
Now that's something I should have thought of!
Thanks again.

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Karen, thanks for sharing another cute idea with us. Her cake plate is wonderful but I sure don't need another one to store so think I'll pass.LOL


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Jane, ONLY 100 Things to Do? I need to send you some of mine then! LOL.

Actually, last Fall I found I was saving so many neat ideas and already had lots of craft and idea pictures in my PFC files. So I decided to start a PB album, with sub albums.
One for Spring-Summer ideas, Fall ideas, and Christmas ideas. This way its so easy for to see them. Like in our Holiday Inspiration albums. Much easier than saving on my PFC when I want to look at the pictures in a bunch. Plus I can add any info necessary in the description part. My computer is probably happier, LOL, that its asked to carry a little less load of photos. I think it loves Photobucket as much as I do.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for sharing this idea Karen, I have so many plastic eggs that I used for our annual Easter egg hunt for my Grand kids. Sad to say they don't want to do it anymore.
I bought some skewers but I doubt I'll have time to make a bouquet though...at least this year.

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Marlene Kindred

Well isn't that just plain cute? Great idea...why didn't I think of that? Duh. TFS!

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