I have met my nemesis and it is ... (cross-posted)

aliris19April 6, 2014


I just cross-posted this in Kitchens because folks there know me a little better and I'm essentially just whining. OTOH perhaps someone here, where the post really belongs, does have a brilliant idea or solution that could help me out of a hole. So I'll post it again. Thanks for any thoughts.

Kind readers may remember the misery I suffered in selecting faucets for my kitchen. And I don't love the result much either. I got a Kohler Karbon and I am pretty sure I am the only individual out here who doesn't like it. Though I must say -- on the advice of GWers, I did, finally, years later, phone Kohler and they have promised to actually send me a replacement kit. Which evidently retails for 3x the cost of the faucet itself. Which is all most peculiar.

The whole thing is peculiar. On my other sink I have a ladylux and I do like that pretty well. My favorite is a laudry sink whose name I don't remember that has a sticking on/off spray switch and a hose that bends and sticks. I can't remember its name though I did talk about it here.

With such a very, very rotten history of faucet selection (I returned at least two faucets before sticking with these two which still I don't love, and had trouble with a lavatory faucet as well), I am gun-shy.

This is my need and if anyone has thoughts I'd love to hear them. But it's not a kitchen question, it's a lavatory question. It's just that you guys actually have responses that work better for me than those I've gotten in other forums, so....

Here's a picture of the drop-in sink I have.

It is copper sent directly from the forge in Mexico. I really recommend this place, BTW. The sink arrived with the smell of the forge still over and in it. Very neat. Extremely nice guy, very fast, beautiful stuff. They sell on ebay and direct. The direct-sales are a slightly heavier duty copper, the ebay ones cheaper. Here's his website: http://www.coppersinkscasacruz.com/

I would like to find a faucet that mirrors the black aztec design in the mid section, that's the shape of an upside-down "L", a sort of hard-angled -- well, an "F" shape if you count the handle on top. A single hole faucet is what I"m looking for.

And the rub is, I want it to be a good quality - that's my first priority and toward this end, the Star Builder's treatise on faucets is inordinately interesting and helpful: http://starcraftcustombuilders.com/sources.faucets2.htm

I love it that Kohler really actually sticks by their product. I appreciate that customer service *a lot*. So I thought I'd just buy another Kohler. But I'm not seeing what I want there. Delta is evidently similar in ethic. And Symmons might be, only they have very little product; ditto Wolverine. Ferguson likes Pfister (Pferguson likes Fister?), but Star Builders doesn't...

Anyway, the thing is, the faucets closest to what I'm looking for in styling (rubbed bronze, angular faucet but without nutty bamboo styling, etc) are all from the marketeer end of the spectrum. I really like buying from basically the company itself, nearly-directly. Chicago Faucets is another.

Aaaaggggghhhhhhhh but I can't find what I like from the quasi-direct and quasi-good-quality guys. It's hard to find a website that works well. plumbingsupply.com has a great website, but not many lines of product.

I've gone round and round and round and just can't come up with what I'm looking for. I like the idea of the "middle line" of the "F" if you will, being just a trough, a waterfall-type faucet (BTW - why are "waterfall" faucets always lumped together in a category different from single hole faucet, and these all different from vessel faucet, when it seems to me these are all the same???)

Another thing I don't like is when the top part of the "F" isn't integrated artfully into the line of the middle part of the "F". It needs to look pretty, not like there's a handle just randomly stuck on there. It's remarkable how disarticulated so many of these faucets appear!

I guess to the extent that there's any question here, it's to what degree the "marketeer" faucet companies should be avoided. Lots of people here have Kraus faucets, for example, and I am unaware of a grundswell of complaints. But these guys are new.

sigh. I'm just having a temper tantrum out here, but not imagining anyone can help much. But if you have a brilliant faucet suggestion, I'm all eyes... my "wants": angular, single stem, dark-colored, but of primary importance, is that it be manufactured by a company that exists, that is an asset to its community, etc. Waterfall would be great, but it has to be not-weird... ;)

Thanks for "listening".

Back to the regularly-scheduled program of websurfing, fruitlessly.....

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Ok there is this one:

And this one also by Delta:

I think both these simple lined faucets would complement the sink. But the colors may be off. One thing that you could do is go to ferguson's and see if they will loan you their color samples of finishes. I would want to check that out before I ordered a faucet from a picture.

Delta Vero in their Venetian Bronze:

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And delta's Trinsic in the Venetian Bronze:

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Check out if brushed nickel will look good with the sink. These simple angular styles I am adding will look good with that sink. You probably will not find aztec-ish type faucets. I'd do the simple and let the faucet take second stage to the sink in this case. The bronze finishes do not wear as well as chrome. But chrome would look terrible with that sink.

edited to say that this is the Metris S
Here is the Hansgrohe and it comes in brushed nickel and that would possibly work, as it is a warm finish:

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And I really like this 8" spread in the Metris S style, but again it only comes in chrome or brushed nickel.

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Thanks, enduring. I hadn't thought about the Vero because of its curved spout, but that might work because of its angularity nicely. Nice idea.

I was literally just thinking I should haul myself over to Fergusons to see the finishes and maybe luck out on viewing some of these faucets in person.

These faucet decisions have each and every one cost me more misery than everything else combined. So much do I not like this....

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I wished I could go with you but I think you live in So Cal, correct. I'm in Iowa. I love doing this stuff;) Be sure to look at Kohler's brushed nickel cause that one is really golden. Take your sink too.

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And aren't you the one that gave me a primer on goat yogurt a year or two ago?

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Oh boy enduring -- would you like to take a break and come do this with me?????? I just so need some help with this, my complete bug-a-boo.... :( Yes, SoCal. I think it's going to be ninety here today...?

That metris S is perfect, but it's not Delta is it? I seem to recall Grohe? I'll look it up.

There's lots of polished chrome in the bathroom already, as it happens. But I just don't think you can get away with the faucet being that way. The faucet goes with and stays with the sink; they're a pair. I suppose maybe brushed... That's a lot of finishes in one space. It's being set into a natural bamboo cabinet atop a rusty-slate colored floor! Yikes. The sink's colors are the floor's ... that's how this started.


It's because the faucets are not just a looks-thing but a function thing too, and the functionality is terribly important to me. Just too many variables to resolve altogether. Making me miserable this is....

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The Metris S is a Hansgrohe. Both the Delta and the Hansgrohe line are at Ferguson's.

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Picking out new stuff is supposed to be fun. There's way too much needless anxiety and stress in these forums.

How about concentrating on the finish and less on the shape? For example, go with California Faucets single hole Diva model and pick a matching finish - they've got 24 to choose from.


in weathered copper (shown on a different faucet):

There are also other copper finishes and multiple bronze ones. The Rustico Bronze or Weathered Brass are also nice.

Looking at it after I posted it, I'd say that two handle job fits nicer to your copper sink that a single hole mod one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cal Faucets Virtual Finish Gallery

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Thanks, Dreaming -- and I'm tempted to point out that asserting selecting faucets is "fun" is, well, dreaming from my POV! However, it's a good point -- I don't know where "supposed to" is coming from, but regardless, it doesn't help to be so miserable about all of this; it has to be done.

And I was going to squelch the CA faucets because they are "just" assemblers. But reading the review observations from Star Craft here I realize it's hard to envision a more adulatory review. Buehl, elsewhere, has cautioned about these builders' vested interest in their reviews, but in fairness, I think they're pretty upfront about their perspective. Holding it in mind is worthwhile all the same. But given that, as someone said, the sink is likely to be decaying before the faucet will, maybe you're right about expanding horizons...

sigh. That wouldn't be making anything more fun though. Not for me.

I will look through their stuff. Thanks for the suggestion. I agree the Diva's lines look harmonious, unlike many. However the pointy-space-ship-iness doesn't seem right for the Aztec-thin of the sink. But it sounds as if this can be overcome; I'll look. Thanks for the nudges.

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This doesn't work, it's just too futzy, right?

I really like the water-trough waterfall thing though...

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And I like this spout but not the handle. This is exactly what I mean by not-well-integrated handle and spout. :(

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LOL, I don't like the spout! And I like the handle :) The finish might work.

I agree with DreamingoftheUP about a lot of stress and anxiety in these forums, and I exhibit these behaviors too from time to time. But I can certainly understand your anxiety with wanting a functioning faucet. So go with a quality faucet. The sink is secondary in my opinion. Is the sink a rather standard size for a drop in? If it is, then switching it out will be no problem if you need to in the future.

I wonder if you should have stayed with the chrome finishes in your room. I find it very difficult to mix the cool tone of chrome and the warm tone of nickel, bronze, brass, even stainless steel (it must be the nickel). Have you seen pictures with this mix of chrome and copper/bronze that has inspired you?

I just found this Houzz article about mixing finishes and I note that there is no chrome in the mix of examples - all are warm toned metals. In my view even stainless steel is a warm tone, at least the Kohler polished grab bars that I have in my bathroom are ever so slightly warmer than my chrome. but there is a couple feet between the items so it isn't noticeable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz article

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If this shows up it is by Samliv. It is not really what you are looking for but I just love it.

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Yes, I saw that! I was really liking it ... I saw it on Overstock I believe. I didn't know who made it, they didn't say. I actually really liked that and it sort of inspired my thinking from the beginning I think. But I worry about the manufacture of it. Do you own this?

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Have you looked at Water D├ęcor? I linked the ones I'm getting in chrome for my master bath. They are made in CA and were highly recommended by a very good local plumbing supply house, much better than Fergusons. Are you in the LA area?

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Decor Faucets

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Hi Chispa - yes, I am in the LA area! But ouch - those prices would have to go way way down in person for me to be able to afford them! They're pretty though for sure... Snyder Diamond has them. I picked something out that I liked in there the other day: $900. I was impressed. We all just smiled at each other as I backed out of the showroom. Funny because sometimes they have really good deals there. Sometimes.

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aliris, we should do coffee! I'm in the thick of planning a master bath remodel and the contractor is supposed to start in May. Have you heard of George's Plumbing in Pasadena? They were highly recommended by several people so I checked them out. Second generation Family owned local business. They give one discounted price to everyone and none of that designer discount vs retail that most of the other showrooms have. But yes, they carry the pricier stuff. They can be busy , but very good when it is your turn to be helped. Probably better to go during the week.

Here is a link that might be useful: George's Plumbing

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aliris-I was just coincidentally looking at some Sanliv towel racks and I also wondered where they were made. I just revisited their site and it looks like it might be China-see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanliv

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I have to post this one. Just because.

The decorative disc comes in different finishes.

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No, I do not own that faucet I just saw it online and liked it. I think I forgot to say that I have ordered from Faucet Depot and everything went as it should with the order. It gets so confusing now because there are also faucets list as for a bar or prep sink.

I would also like to add that you have a custom made sink and I think you should let it be the star of the vanity.

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Thanks, everyone!

Mongoct: beautiful! That would be great!

Chispa. Yes, I've heard of that place in Pasa -- I'm in WLA so you kinda can't get there from here often. I go occasionally of course, but you have to time the traffic and have good traffic karma to boot! :( Drag.... I noticed that the Watermark, perhaps? One of the rather fancy faucets recommended above was for sale through that store in Pasa. Again, I haven't been. I've been out to Crown City Hardware out there! But that's it.... I'm not sure I'm up for the drive but if you're here in WLA I'll buy!

Point of order: how do you guys add the photos from websites, presumably, of those faucets?

I still haven't made it to Fergusons. But the vanity that was built for me has been installed so I'll take some pictures and post what I'm thinking about and let anyone who's interested weigh in.... :)

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Aliris, we've only been in LA a few years ... traffic can be bad, but no worse than other major cities in NY/NJ/MA, so it doesn't bother me. I know all about the timing! I have kids in school so have to make sure I leave plenty of time to pick them up on time. Two weeks ago I checked out Toto and Waterworks on west side and Snyder Diamond in NoHo. I'll need to go back to the Design center soon.

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I didn't even know there was a Toto or Waterworks store on the westside. Grass is always greener.... I think that's one of the most powerful forces on the planet!

Cabinet installed so I can show some pictures of its funkiness, and the gemisch of finishes on hardware already present. I dunno what to do now ... too much thinking as others have said. But as I've said, this decision, about faucets, has always been my very hardest and least successful.

For reference, here's my sink: And here it is in situ:
Kohler Alteo:

It's set into a natural bamboo-fronted floating vanity above reddish-hued slate. There is a glass-fronted shower stall with chrome fixtures and a doorknob with brushed chrome (I don't like the lock but that's all that was available). I do think the faucet has to "belong" to the sink and should be oil-rubbed bronze even though there is other stuff in the room.

Here's what I'm considering (thanks to you-all). Delta Vero:

Hansgrohe Talis C:

Hansgrohe Metris C:
Delta Addison (only less tall version):
Kohler Alteo:

Any opinion?

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I think you have a good color going on with the floor, sink, and hopefully in your faucet finish. Yes I think the sink, vanity, counter, and faucet should read nicely together as a unit. Again, I think the vanity with the floor looks very nice. The sink should fit right in. Now checking out the finish on a faucet. That might be the determining factor with the style you go with. Good thing you have several brands to look at. I would say they are all potential good choices.

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I wished I would have seen that picture earlier, because I thought that sink was going in your room with the white tile, bright colored tiles, and white vanity with the large wall mirror that you had posted a few months ago. The bathroom where the sink got broke. It this is the same bathroom, it sure changed.

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enduring: lol!

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Probably too late now, but this might have been a perfect spot for a very simple wall mounted faucet. And I'm not a person that usually likes wall mounted faucets!

My choice from the latest faucets you showed -
Delta Addison (short version) I like the very simple & clean look of this, leaving the sink as the star.

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Chispa, I completely agree, up to and including not ordinarily liking wall mounts! Ah well ... it is too late. :( Trying to get up to Fergusons now...

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