Fly 'dirt' and vinyl siding

gazania_gwJune 1, 2008

The front of my house faces east and gets the morning sun. Flys use the light grey siding and porch area to take advantage of the warm early morning sun. The siding and white vinyl porch rails, and grey vinyl chairs are covered with tiny black specs of fly poop. I think we have tried every type of super cleaner known to man including those Mr. Clean sponge type things and gasoline. All I have succeeded in doing is dulling the finish where I have tried to clean. The poop doesn't budge. Does anybody have a solution for this. I am sure I am not the only one with this cleaning problem as flies are everywhere.

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Have your tried having your home pressured washed??

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Been there - in fact, that's one of the reasons we're residing our house right now to a darker color. I found the best thing was a stiff bristle scrub brush, a bucket of HOT water, a good general household cleaner like Spic & Span or Lestoil and elbow grease. Then rinse with the hose. It's a pain - literally - especially when you have a 2 story house, but it works.

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I've never had a problem with fly droppings, so your post sent me googling. If it makes you feel any better, it really isn't poop but rather food that is temporarily regurgitated during the digestion process.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fly droppings

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R U certain that this is"Fly" poop? I thought that also until I parked my car where I was having this problem and this is where we get the direct sun. I had these specks all over the siding and the windows and the window frames. I could use a razor blade on the windows and remove it but I was unable to remove it from anything but the glass. I had to have the one side of my car repainted as I was unable to remove it. I had no idea what it was until I read several articles in the Chicago Trib. Do you have by chance old mulch in the affected area? The black specs were even up on the gutters! I had no clue as to what was causing this problem. In the Trib. article they stated the when U don't remove the old natural mulch after the winter once exposed to the heat of the sun it gets to a point when exposed to the heat it just explodes and propells itself around 250 miles per hour and imbeds the mold spore into anything around and are unable to be removed. It is called projectile something or other. I no longer have the clipping. I know what I am talking about as the 1 side of my car cost me $1,750 to have it redone. I don't ever park there any more. This was a 1 time thing as I had picked up 2 aunts in their 80's and that would the best place to help them into my place. I live in a place with a homeowners association and they R forever dilligent as to the mulch but due to the temps. here nothing is done at the same time every year. I have yet to plant a thing as it is 78 in the AM and 45 in the evening. I had them remove the mulch for the last 3 years and I pay a private landscaper to come in and do the rubber stuff. I have it replaced every year. It fades and the old farts would complain about this is it was not the correct color. One would think that this place is Del Webb in AZ. LOL I moved here as I didn't want to back out of my garage and not have a concern with kids on Hot Wheels or Skate Boards. Some of these people have 2 or 3 winter homes and during the winter this is the dead zone. I have no idea as to what I am doing here as I don't have that type of $! LOL It is just a nice place to live. Just check around if you have old mulch as I had no idea what the problem was. Do let us know as this forum is a learning experience.

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tsy2001, yes in fact the whole house has been gone over twice with a pressure washer.

dim2000, we have tried hot water and several cleaners that are supposed to clean anything, but nothing has done much of anything with the use of rags and sponges or pressure washing. I was surprised that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser didn't work. What we haven't tried is a scrub brush along with lots of elbow grease, so off to see what we can do. The whole thought of having to do it that way is intimidating.

graywings, well, that bit of information does make me feel better! LOL. My Mom always said it was fly poop, and one never doubts Mom, right?

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My first thought was shotgun or cannon fungus growing in the mulch, which I believe eteinne is referring to. But the OP said that this stuff is on the chairs on the deck.

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eteinne, good grief! That is exactly what it is...mold spores. I read about it years ago, but it just didn't dawn on me. We do use mulch around the foundation of the house and at a capability of shooting those spores 14 feet and towards light colors, well I have no doubt. It is mold spores and I guess we have to learn to live with it for now.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.

graywing those chairs are well within the target range.

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I am currently working on the same problem with these black fly spits or what ever you want to call them. They are all over the place. If any one has any new idea's please let me know.

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Fly specks and grasshopper poop -- same big problem around our house as well. Try Charlie's soap. Spray on, let sit, scrub with a brush if you can then rinse with a hose. Love my Charlie's soap! We just got back from 10 day's hard labor at my MIL's house that we're trying to sell. Used Charlie's soap on the floors, windows and aluminum tracks and window frames (major mildew/mould); cleaned the appliances and fireplace hearth. Can't say enough about it.

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If this stuff is mold spores, wouldn't clorox kill it?

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Annie, where can I buy Charlie's soap?

sew happy, clorex does not seem to touch it. We have tried may products. My husband tried powerwashing it with the bleach cleaner product. I have tried Fantistik, Mr Clean, Spic and Span, Oxy clean, comet, bar keepers friend, simple green and super green cleaner. Windex,Turtle wax Bug and tar remover.
I will keep u updated as to what else we try. Thanks for all of the tips. Keepem comming

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Go to or google it. There are retail sellers, as well. Google will direct you. You will not be disappointed. We cleaned a number of issues at my husband's family home that we needed to get ready to sell, from fireplace hearth to windows and floors -- it came through for us. Good Luck.

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We have found that Windex with paper towels easily removes fly dirt off most things...(but we don't have vinyl siding.)

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If you can find War Horse cleaner the specks will run off. Its the only thing I've found to work, but our COOP went out of business and now I don't know where to find it. I've even looked on the internet with no results.

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War Hors grease and scuz Remover by Dandy products Phone

  1. Give it a try. Promise it won't disappoint with little effort.
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get yourself a non-scratch dish sponge and a drop of dawn dish detergent....lightly and I do mean lightly wipe in a circular fashion...the poop comes right off..Rinse well. there you have it.

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I bought Charlies Soap off Ebay. It was kind of expensive but I loved it on dirty laundry. I think it was something like $40 for two bags. Use one tablespoon(yes, that's all) per load and it has a great scent, like coconut (reminds me of old fashioned sun tan lotion).

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