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PurplemoonApril 26, 2012

I saw the surgeon today and everything is good. He said the biopsy came back fine and the tumor was benign. (HUGE sigh of relief) I was in intense pain yesterday thru this morning, but after he removed the drain and the big heavy bandage, I felt MUCH better. He said he'd put all the stitches on the inside, so they'll disolve on their own and he expects little or no scar even.

Its amazing to see my (flat) neck again after having that big ol' hump on it for so long. ;o) He said the incision was about 5" long, and because my skin had expanded so much over the hump, he had to remove a lot of excess. Gee, no wonder my neck hurts. LOL. The "steri-strips" (?) over the incision are water-proof so I can shower and wash my hair again, thank goodness. I imagine it'll take a few weeks for the muscle to recover and the pain to be totally gone, but that is ok. I am relieved and happy this is over now.

Party Music, I am so sorry you are facing surgery... and that yours will cause permanent damage. That is terrible for you to deal with. I will be sending lots of prayers your way.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

SOOOO happy for you my friend!

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Karen, so wonderful to hear you had a good checkup today.Sigh Never thought about you not being able to shower. We are so spoiled with being able to jump in the shower every day and sure take it for granted.

Party Music, will keep sending prayers your way too.


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Does this mean a new hair-style! Just kiddin' ...
I am so happy to hear the good news, Karen! ...& what a blessing to get rid of some of the pain, too! Just be a good girl & stay on top of the pain & don't be doing any cartwheels or anything! God bless & gentle hugs, Jeanne S.

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Karen..so glad all is well and that you'll be
all 'Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed' again - not to mention
clean too! lol
Love & Hugs...

PM..prayers and caring thoughts are with you.
Please keep in touch to let us know how you're doing.

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Oh gosh, isn't getting old the pits! If it isn't one thing, it's another. Well, I guess I can be glad that at least I'm still around to complain.

Karen, I hope the recovery goes real fast for you. Your spirits should be high with the results of the biopsy, so that should help speed things along.

OK, everyone - let's make the month of May a month without boo-boos. Are you with me?

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Karen, wishing you a speedy recovery!! You naughty girl!! You should have shared this with us and let us send you our T & P's in addition to sending you our support.

PM, T & P's coming your way as well!!

I'm seconding OA's idea for a booboo free May!! Mainly because last Sunday my 4 yr old DGS and I had a bad fall when the tension broke on the zip line at my brothers place and we hit the ground pretty hard. Nothing broken, but he was on my lap and his head hit my jaw, knocking my jaw slightly out of alignment. My dentist said it will probably move back when the swelling goes down, but in the meantime, taking ibuprofen for pain in my neck and jaw. Actually, my jaw is already better today, thank goodness!! I think my zip line days are over! Cody is fine, although he had a "head hurt" for a while.

So.....definitely rooting for a merry month of May!!

Take care everybody!

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Nice to have you back here, Candy! Tho you didn't need to bring your own booboo to the 'party'. Stick to the golf course, I don't think there are any zip lines there. ;o)

The neck pain still is pretty awful, but according to the doc, there is good reason for it to be. No fast healing in sight yet.

I'll definitely cast a vote for a booboo free May too.
hugs, Karen

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So glad all went well, Karen! Prayers for fast healing!

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