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klcardellaApril 12, 2012

Okay, so I was so excited about getting my new Bluestar 48" range that I have waited YEARS to buy, but I have to say it has been an all-around disappointment. I had the range installed in February, and they charged me $390 to carry it in the house and put it in place. They do not adjust burners, nothing.

Then there was a problem with the simmer burner; making a loud "pouff" noise (scary sounding), like too much gas, when shutting it off. None of the other burners make this noise. They could not adjust it, but said it might be the valve. I tried to refuse delivery, but they said I had to give them the opportunity to fix it.

So, the service guy came out the first time on March 26, and replaced the valve. Now the flame will not adjust at all, and the "pouff" is still there. He said they must have sent the wrong valve and ordered me another one.

Now, the other back burner - 15,000 btu - only clicks when trying to turn it on. If I turn it off and then back on quickly, it will light. Keep in mind, we don't live in the house yet, and have NEVER used the range. I only checked the burners to show my mother.

It is now going on 3 weeks since the 2nd parts were ordered, and not here yet. I called the service department, who said the parts were ordered. Does it usually take this long to get parts?

It's not a huge inconvenience since we are not living in the house yet, but I cannot understand how it can be going on 2 months since installation, and I still don't have a properly functioning range! Do they not check valves, etc., before shipping? Also, all of the bolts were missing from the screws holding the grease pans in place, so they were not aligned properly. The service guy discovered this, and also ordered the bolts.

How can you spend $9K on a stove, and have screws missing, and valves not working? I am really afraid I am going to be one of those with a lemon. How many chances do they get to fix it before I get a refund or a new range?

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Where did you order it from? I would start with them and get them involved as they might be able to push Bluestar to expedite things along.

Things can move around during shipping, but I wouldn't think a valve would move that much. And if they are missing screws and they put in an incorrect valve, I would like you assume that it should have been caught at the factory. Mistakes happen, we are all human, but things like this should be fixed very quickly when they do come up IMHO.

Good luck and I hope things get straightened out for you.

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As for the poofing, it sounds like the same thing that a culanarian owner posted a while back about. A call to capital revealed something about it being some sort of phenomenon that they even have a name for. If memory serves correct it is more common and pronounced on LP gas. Are you natural gas or LP? It may be something that will have to be tolerated? I'm not sure.

I would email mandy at She is amazing at her job and will help you out.

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Thank you for the replies, and I will email Mandy. I am on LP, but only the simmer burner with the bad valve is making that noise. If it was an LP thing, wouldn't all of the burners do it? I have been trying to be patient, but as I said, it's been nearly 2 months, and if I was using it daily, it would be a huge problem. The installer said the noise scared him enough that he removed the knob, so nobody would accidentally turn that burner on.

And, Phil, I do agree that mistakes can be made, and I have not made a big fuss about it, but the time thing is bugging me. I would think they would want to make a good impression on a new customer. Maybe not.

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These stoves are not difficult to work on. The problem is the Service provider does not seem to know what they're doing. I would call Bluestar and see if there is another Service contractor in your area that is more on the ball and can come out and get it going. Someone who cares.

These service guys are just milking Bluestar (who reimburses them) and they don't seem to care or know- or call the Service provider and ask them if there is a better man/woman in their employ who knows what to do.

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Call Blue Star and ask to be connected to Mandy Lopez. She is wonderful and she will help you.

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all of your issues are related to bad installation, no air shutter adjustments and a installer who was working on hope not knowledge

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I emailed Mandy, and she has been very helpful. Hopefully, we can get it working properly soon! Thanks for all the feedback.

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Good luck Klcardella, keep up posted, I am very interested in this as well as my wife and I are looking to get a BS rangetop in the very near future.

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I have a 48" BlueStar on LP and some of my burners make the pouff sound when I turn them off and some don't.

The appliance service company that BlueStar contracted with when my range was new and under warranty didn't have one clue about what they were doing. I ended up calling a high end appliance service company and they have been able to service the range just fine. It sounds like its bad service people, not the range, that are causing your problems.

Mandy at BS is very helpful. She should be able to guide you to make the adjustments yourself or help you find another appliance service company. Once you get everything adjusted properly you will love the range. Good luck!

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I agree that most of these issues seem to be service and delivery issues, however just or unjust it falls on bs to make sure the customer is looked after and bs seems to be getting straight a's in that department now days. Let's hope they continue that tradition with you klcardella. Mandy at bs really is a gem, I hope she has a rewarding career there.

As for some burners doing it and others not. I dug up the old thread and it appears as tho it happens to some bs owners as well. Some have reported that some burners do it while others do not.

This used to happen on the gas oven of my viking range. I used to get a dual "poof" "poof" (two burners?) when it cycled off. At first I wondered if it was normal so I asked around a bit and found others with the same issue on generic gas ovens. My poofs were probably quite muffled (in relation to yours) being in the oven underneath a thick steel bottom and an big door. After leanring that I was not alone and figured it most be normal, it never really bothered me probably cause it was muffled, and in fact became sort of "eager" to hear it. I guess it just told me what the oven is doing :).

Here is a link that might be useful: capital poofing burners

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Yep - poofing is a 'so what' thing. Our CC is on LP, sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't. It's a non-issue. Sometimes things break or fail to operate properly after shipment and if the company quickly takes care of it then it's ok. But it does sound like you have the 3 Stooges of a service company. Go to BS & see whom they recommend.

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We are still at square one with the range. I emailed Mandy, and she was very helpful, sending me a new simmer burner, and a link to instruction videos on the BS site. I followed all instructions, but the burner still does not adjust, the pouff is less, and intermittent, but happens sometimes.

The service center where I purchased the range has also been helpful, but seem to have trouble getting their parts. I got the burner Mandy sent me in 3 business days, while the retailer was still waiting on parts a month later. At least that is what they are saying.

The tech finally came back on April 26th (first visit March 26), replaced the valve again, plus the orifice, and put in the missing drip pan screws. No change.

He called BS, and they said they would test a unit at their factory, then send it out. The tech came back today, May 3, with that valve, but still no change.

Three repair attempts, 2 months, and no change. I am really starting to worry that I got a lemon. I don't know what their next step will be.

I have waited over 20 years for a range like this, and all I feel like doing is crying.

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Did you get the 'clicking' fixed on the back 15K burner? Sometimes that's just a miss-aligned spark ignitor. Or even the ignitor wire where it connects under the burner not being tight, or touching the drip tray. It could also be the spark module, but that would be unusual.

Is the problem still the 'pouff' when shutting off the simmer burner? Normally those rear simmer burners shut down slowly when you turn it off. That's because there is still some gas in the line from the valve back to the rear burner, and the simmer burner has fewer flame holes, so it slowly uses up the remaining gas before flickering out.

If you want to try to figure out what's going on, one idea would be to take the grate and inner bowls out, then turn the burner on. If you do this under low lighting, you'll be able to 'see' the flame better and what if anything else is going on under or around the burner as it is turned off. The blue flames should just trickle out and die. You might be able to spot where the 'POUFF' is coming from.

My guess is that the air shutter is not adjusted, but I can't imagine they didn't look at that yet. Does the flame seem to adjust normally from high to low when on? Do you have a very low simmer flame on the lowest setting?

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Your problems seem to stem from delivery and installation, neither of which has anything to do with Bluestar but from your selling dealer, yet they seem to get a pass and the problem is Bluestar.

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You can find much more honest Bluestar reviews on Chowhound.

Return the damn thing and get something else. Last range I bought was a Frigidaire for an old condo, and it worked perfectly out of the box. I wasn't 2 months and counting wondering whether it would ever function properly.

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Marcolo - do you have a 36" all gas range you'd recommend? I am shopping for one and am considering Bluestar. I don't bake much but do a lot of range top stir-fry, pasta, grains etc. I'd like to buy from a local company because they service everything they sell and I can see them in person there. They don't carry Captial though I'm pretty sure. Come to think of it, since our local dealer services everything they sell, I should ask them which brands seem to have the most service calls on new appliances.

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I have a gas grill, high end, does the same thing when I turn the gas/burner off. It has done this since day one for over 7 years. If it ever stops, I would probably think it is broken. My BS also does this on occasion, only from the simmer burner. 5 years old. I don't worry about either one of them. But if one is concerned, BS should be able to assist.

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According to capital its normal. I wonder why bs doesn't say the same thing?

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Now that time has passed, I am curious what your opinion is on bluestar range? Has everything been fixed and if given a chance would you buy it again? We are looking for a new range, and up until reading this review, I was interested in a bluestar.

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Swade206: what is it about this review that seems to be troubling for you?

Most of the issues this person had were from the service and delivery of the product. You will find stories of dissatisfaction for every single manufacturer out there with wolf probably being the one to stand out with least complaints per product sold but still a very far distance to a perfect record.

Most bs owners are very happy with their products and their customer service appears to be doing an excellent job for at least the past year and a half or two years. Before that time it seemed hit and miss.

I've owned a 48" bs for over 4 yrs now. Even tho I have not had a single issue, I can still weigh in on the customer service as I had ordered a door last year (actually I think it was almost exactely a year) with new improved hinges. Twenty minutes after I sent my email in requesting a new door I received an email saying a new door is on its way. It was sent to me (way out of warranty)via ups to canada (ups is very expensive for cross border shipping) and did not cost me one single penny. My door/hinges were not even broken, I just wanted it in case. Its still sitting in the box waiting for me to find time to install it.

I really don't think you will regret buying one. Happy shopping :)

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We've had our 48" BS for several weeks and love it. Out of the box everything worked without any problems. The burners lit very easy, good flames, re-ignition tested, etc. Overall very pleased.

The next day we noticed a slight gas smell. I notified our seller and BS support called me back within 30 mins. We discussed the issue and they were ready to do an immediate test and repair but it was located at our 2nd home and I had to leave for a week. The following weekend when I returned the problem was immediately corrected. BS even had spare valves if they were needed but no parts were required. The issue was a single plug inserted by BS at the factory wasn't tightened enough and had a very minor leak. A full length manometer test was done and no further leaks or problems.

In our single case, BS responded immediately, had spare parts is needed, and the problem was immediately corrected.

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I am a bit worried after reading a lot this evening. I hate to say this, but I am worried about there being some "shills" sp? on BS threads on here. I, too, was one of those who dreamed of the BS and was so excited to finally make the commitment to order it. It is not yet 2 weeks old. Cleans up horribly! Has ignitor issues - and I do get that "Phoof" sometimes when igniting and sometimes when turning totally off. I haven't had lots of time to use it over the past 11 days as 7 of them were spent in the dark in the NE due to Sandy. Yes, I know Mandy, Yes, I know Mike. Feeling so uneasy about this purchase.

I have the cooktop - have to imagine that the set-up is the same for the range - the star burner has the burner bowls that fit around the burner fingers. How can the bowl sit flush against the stainless cooktop if there is webbing between 2 or 3 of the fingers? Just doesn't seem possible to have a proper fit.

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I've had the 36" with a griddle for about three weeks. I'm not sure yet how i feel about it. Most of the burners phoof loudly when they shut off and I'm planning to contact Blue Star to ask about it. And I burned my hand on the bottom of the oven door the first time I used it. Not happy about that. I had read about door heat issues but I convinced myself that it would not be a big deal based on the comments here. I am now terrified of the thing and don't let my kids get any where near in case they trip or bump it. I also can't imagine standing in front of it and using the range top at the same time.

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