Height of vanity and toilet

debinnhApril 3, 2012


Just want to survey, for a master bath reno, would you go with standard or chair height toilet? What about the vanity height, standard or cabinet height?

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We went with the chair height and are not happy with it. It's not consistent with what we have in the other 2 bathrooms and we both think it feels odd when we use it. I'm short so I really don't care for it for obvious reasons.

I would use caution as well about the counter height vanities, especially if resale is eventually in your plans. For anyone under say, 5'7 or so it will be a challenge to use the sink comfortably; so even if you're tall and it doesn't make a difference for you it will for a lot of buyers.

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I'm torn on the comfort height toilets. Easier to sit down and get up, but not as comfortable for me to use. My parents put them in at their house. I'd probably get used to it if I used it often or I think I might even put a 2-3" platform in there I could put under my feet if I felt like it. My father is tall and parents are getting older, so for them, getting up and down is more important. My in-laws have one and love it, but before it, they were using the elevated toilet seat that fits over a normal toilet. My FIL has had two hip replacements and my MIL has back problems. They just cannot sit down that low.

So, I think that would be a personal decision based on your own height and situation.

My parents did the master bath with counter height (36-ish) and the hall bath with standard height (32-ish). I am only 5' 4 1/2", but I do prefer the counter height vanity. Much more comfortable not to have to stoop so far to brush my teeth or wash my face. Easier to wash my hands, too.

In our area, most would at least expect the counter high cabinets in the master bath or any other adult areas.

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We had comfort height Toto Soiree toilets installed in all three bathrooms--height is good for both of us (I'm 5'3" and DH is 5'8.5"). We also had counter height vanities made. Hadn't even thought about it when going over specs with our cab maker, but it made sense to do so for a variety of reasons when he suggested it (we needed to optimize storage in the vanities, which the taller height facilitated). Now, when we visit my parents, I feel like I have to lean way down to use their standard height vanities.

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Ditto what cat mom said. Even as to the Soirees!

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If you go with cabinet height vanities (36") then definitely comfort height toilets. The standard height toilet looks VERY short when set next to a counter height vanity--you stand there trying to figure out what is wrong with what you're seeing--Is the toilet so low or is the vanity so high?. We didn't realize this until it was too late when we renovated my in-law's house to put it on the market. If we knew then what we know now, we would have done it differently.

If you go with standard height vanities (30" which are not as easy to find anymore) then you can go with either height toilet.

The comfort height toilets are also an excellent idea if you plan to live in the home through your golden years--much easier to sit down and get back up as we age. Believe it or not, it can be the difference between needing assistance (possibly meaning fulltime care in the home or at a nursing facility) and not. DH and I are not very tall--5'9" & 5'4"-- and we have 2 DSs--4' & 6'--and everyone does just fine with the comfort height toilets. The 7yr old's legs still dangle a little, but he's growing--no problems scooting on or off.

Hope this helps!

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I'm short but I like the comfort height toilets. The shorter toilets seem odd after using comfort height. But because I'm short I'm just fine using a standard height vanity. Actually went with a 32 inch vanity and it's fine. It could be a little higher.

doesn't everyone have to bend over to use the sink when they are brushing their teeth regardless? I guess it's a matter of how far one has to bend over...but still...one is going to be bending nonetheless.

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A few months ago we remodeled our master bath and after a lot of debate we used the comfort height toilet and counter height vanity. We love both. Its amazing the extra storage you get out of the vanity, plus its just a more comfortable and natural height. We are starting the reno of our small hall bath and will be doing comfort height toilet and counter height vanity in there also. I'm 5'5" and DH is 6'0". DD is 5'3" and likes both also.

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Thanks all. I will be going with comfort height and counter height based on your feedback. That is how I was planning to go, but my husband thought I was being weird, so I just wanted to check :)

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Just don't forget that with whatever you choose, you need to add the thickness of your counter top to it. Granite is usually 1 - 1.25 inches. I'm only 4'11 so that 1.25 inches makes a lot of difference for me. :c)

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Our vanity is 36" tall incl the sinktop.

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Fori is not pleased

It's fun to sit on toilets in the showroom.

I like the old school low vanities and toilets and so do my kids.

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I'm only (!) 50 but fell on both knees recently and really messed them up. While healing, I never realized before how difficult it would be to get on and off a standard toilet! Hurt like heck! When I was out and about, I'd occasionally be using a comfort height, or ADA, toilet, and it made a huge difference. We're obviously going wtih the comfort height toilets now ;)

Also, we're splitting the difference and getting the vanities 33". I'm even tall (5'8") and with counter height vanities you get a lot of elbow drip when washing your face or shaving. I'm glad we're above the 30" but 36" just seems too tall.

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I love the ADA height Toto we put in our hall bath, and we plan to add one to our master bath when we remodel it this year. If you have knee or hip problems or other mobility issues, the taller toilets are really nice. When I was pregnant, I ran down the hall to use the taller toilet, rather than the one in our room, because it was so much easier to get up and down. I actually would like a toilet a little taller than ADA height, but I am 5'10".

We had 34" high vanities in our last house, and DH and I would have liked them a little taller. We are just miserable with the old 32" high vanities in our "new" house. We have to lean over so far to brush our teeth or wash our faces in the sink. We are going with 36" vanities when we remodel, which is a more comfortable height for us and gives us more storage. I actually wanted to go with 38", but the cabinet maker talked us out of going with something so much taller than standard. (I am getting my 38" high kitchen island though, because the taller section of counter we had in our last kitchen was my favorite work space.)

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