Miele Glide Rack on 27'

sarendsApril 21, 2012

We are limited to a 27" built in oven in our space. We were all set to do a Miele MasterChef Speed oven, Miele MasterChef Oven and Miele Warming oven.

Then, we find out (we think we found out from a salesman) that the Miele easy glide style rack is only available on the 30" oven. But, the salesman seems as bright as a 60 watt bulb, so I am not sure he is correct. Miele USA is not open today so I can't call them. Nowhere in the online literature does Miele even talk about the glide mechanism,but I have seen it in the 30"oven.

Help! Does anyone here happen to have a 27" Miele oven that can verify whether it has at least one easy glide rack? This is possible a deal killer for my wife. We had almost gotten to the point where we could swallow the huge price for the 3 Miele cooking appliances, but the lack of even a single glide rack would irritate my wie to no end, esp. after paying what we would have to pay for the Miele!

We would do the Electrolux Oven, speed oven and warming oven in a heartbeat if it only came in 27" - aaarghh - we love our older colonial home but the older kitchen layout is killing us at the moment!

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Don't have this oven (I do have an E'lux range with glide racks; they're very nice).

But looking on AJMadison's site, the only rack mentioned as an accessory for their 27" Miele Master Chef oven is the "70 cm Perfect Clean Wire Oven Rack". This doesn't appear to be a glide rack (see photo in link below).

OTOH, Miele's 30" oven seems to come with one or more "FlexiClips Full Extension Rack(s)" (the 27" oven doesn't mention this). Didn't see any photo, or description of exactly what that is.

Perhaps this accessory can be found in Germany or elsewhere, where 27" ovens are more common...

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele's Perfect Clean Wire Oven Rack

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