Please show me your shower curtains!

aliris19April 6, 2014

I'm sorry all, I thought I posted this question but must have forgotten to "submit" it ... I have trouble with this two-click submission plan...

I was wondering if folks would be willing to show me their curtained solutions to shower-in-tubs. I was thinking of glassing in a half door but folks suggested this might be chilllly. I don't like the way curtains eclipse the sight-line of the tub area and the whole room. OTOH, I don't like shivering in the shower either. So I'm wondering if there are any innovative ideas for using curtains that look nice or interesting, etc.

Thanks for showing me your solutions!


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Hall Bathroom:

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I don't keep the curtain closed, so it doesn't close in the bathroom. It stacks on the end with all the shower stuff, so it kind of hides that when you're looking/walking into the room-unlike glass. I don't care about seeing the bathroom while I'm showering, so the curtain doesn't bother me then.

I'm so lazy, that the thought of glass makes me say "ugh". It's gorgeous but, since I'm the one who will have to clean it among my family, I will choose the easy curtain!

No pic. I JUST took down some icky doors the other day and am LOVING the room and cleanliness of the curtain.

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Not the best picture but here is the shower curtain in my hall bath. I keep it drawn across the tub because I do not like looking at the acrylic one piece tub shower unit that is there.

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Thanks all! Anyone have one in a master bath, one of those luscious-looking spaces?

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Our MB is tiny--it's the first pic I posted.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I just now googled "bathrooms with shower curtains" then clicked on the images page. Many beautiful pics.

Also would give you many more.


Here is a link that might be useful: lots of showers with curtains

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Here is one of my favorite photos of a luxurious bath with a recessed curtain track.

Traditional Bathroom by New York Architects & Designers James Wagman Architect, LLC

I'll be using a ceiling mounted track for my shower area when we remodel, in a not-so-luxurious space!

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Cat_mom ;) Beautiful!

Thanks for the dreamy image, alex.

My bathtub is in a corner, though, not a recessed space that needs just a single track overhead. I guess that's the problem I'm trying to deal with. I know there are commercial "L" bars, but I don't know how well they work, any of them. dh saw a friend's bathroom where he stuck a newel upside down from the ceiling to permit attachment of two bars so that the "L" was unneeded. But then you still wind up with flimsy curtain. Which may be fine, I dunno ... I am caught between real life, as all our bathrooms show, and these idealized houzz-type pictures. In truth, I can rarely stomach looking at Houzz, it's just too, um, done. And yet I want it to look a little more than, well, ordinary. So that's why I was asking to see what you design-mavens have done in bridging the gap...


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There is another thread, started by Lauralena, where a poster gave me the lead on these recessed tracks. I'll link to it below, but it's still on the first page.

Lisadlu installed a ceiling track and I looked at the company called Trax. They will customize for your area and it incorporates a curve for smoother operation.

My corner shower is about 40 x 40 and will use a custom "L" shape. The curtain will stack against a back wall when not in use. I hope for a more open air feel in our small bathroom.
A Houzz pic utilizing an "L" shaped track. I know, not "real world", but it isn't a common solution.

Modern Bathroom by Austin Architects & Designers Cass Cheesar Architects, LLC

And with a tub

Modern Bathroom by Los Angeles Architects & Designers Markus Canter (FCB:Design)

Here is a link that might be useful: Small shower thread

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