I need some odor removal help

dawnaJune 24, 2009

Hi all!

There is a room in our house that we have used in the past as a sort of plant nursery when we were starting our garden. We have found out that we will be expecting a baby in December and now need to make the plant nursery a baby nursery! The problem is, this past season I had put my onions in that room and boy have they made it smell in there! As much as I love the smell of onions, I don't think I want it like that when our baby arrives!

I was thinking I would clean the carpet and wash the walls. Do you think that would help get the smell out? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should wash the walls with? Any and all advice would be so appreciated!!!

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Can you put a fan in there and open a window? Bad smells are best cured by fresh air and sunshine. There's no chemical or product that works at removing odors. Sorry to be so pessimistic. Just my experience.

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Since it is going to be the baby's room, I would clean the carpet and clean and/or paint the walls just to freshen up the room. In the process, you will be using fans to dry the carpeting, and the onion odor will likely be replaced by the odors of the cleaning products.

I would probably use something like Mr. Clean and water to wash the walls. Pine-Sol might be a good choice. However, depending on what type of paint you have on the walls, any scrubbing may remove some of the paint.

But I agree with Jannie - fresh air and sunshine work wonders. Congrats on the future baby!

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I agree -- nothing will replace fresh air and sunshine for freshening up a room. Having said that -- you might try some X-O Odor Neutralizer. It's non-toxic and safe on fabrics. You can spray it into the air or on surfaces. It claims to kill all odors and has worked for me.

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We had a problem with this when we put a rental unit up for sale. The former tenant was a smoker and cooked greasy smelly food. We tried everything. Everything helped a little, but couldn't get rid of it altogether. Ripped out carpeting, painted with Kilz, etc. I posted my problem on here.

Someone came up with a good suggestion. What finally did the trick was setting a bowl of white vinegar in every corner. Left it there, and topped off for evaporation. A drop of essential oil in each bowl made it smell less like vinegar while it was working. It took a few weeks.

Good luck, and congratulations !

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Paint the walls with Kilz paint primer. they make both latex and oil base. Get the right kind (latex/oil) , assuming you'll be painting the room for baby. And congratulations!

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First of all, congratulations!

I know this may sound very simplistic but would spreading baking soda throughout the room help? Maybe you can do that for a week and vacuum it after 24 hours before you put fresh powder. I would also hire a professional carpet cleaner after using the baking soda. If it's really bad, maybe replace the carpet? You don't moldy stuff for your newborn.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: House and Home Furniture

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keep your room open all the time of course except at night,and keep your fan on it will take time but result will be best.
use room freshener slabs about 2 and always keep those in that room..

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I'd clean the carpets and wash the walls with vinegar water. Don't forget the ceiling! If vinegar isn't strong enough, you could try TSP. Then paint. I would think that would do it!

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I swear by Zero Odor which has no scent at all but quickly removes any odor. I also agree w/painting, cleaning carpet & wonderful fresh air!

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