need help choosing a replacement ventilation fan

jlea_2008April 8, 2013

First, I have read the previous posts on this topic and found them very helpful. My question is a bit different.

I went to a big box and bought (sigh) a Broan 100 CFM heater/fan/light. Then I realized it needed a dedicated circuit, so now I'm rethinking my choice.

I'd like to select a Panasonic fan light combo. The current opening is 10 1/4 x 14. The fan is going in an existing bathroom, and I'd like to make the install as easy as possible. I'm paying someone to install this, and I'd like to choose a model that's easy to install in the existing space.

I'm also intrigued by the humidity/motion sensing models as it's a teenager's bathroom.

I have *no* idea how the ceiling joists are, but I do know that the current (dead) fan is vented to the outside.

I'm having trouble determining from the web how large the opening is for various fans - some seem to specify their opening; others not.

Any help would be *most* appreciated!

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try this site ( I have no affiliation). It gives grill dimensions for each one as well as opening size. Hope this helps.

edited to add: You have to click on the link for each fan to see the specs for both the grill and opening.

Here is a link that might be useful: compare fans

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Thanks very much! I think I've settled on the Panasonic WhisperFite Lite -- hoping that the install in an older bathroom will be easier. And so glad I realized that the NuTone heater/fan/light needed a dedicated circuit BEFORE the fellows were here to do the install. Hopefully, the problem is now averted!

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If you only need the light when in the shower, like we do, then wiring them together on a timer is fantastic. If you want to see, you also by default are venting. And you don't have to remember to turn it off.

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