new house, loads of hardwood floors, dogs and other complications

mcasselJune 13, 2008

I have just moved into a new home just under 4000sq/ft nearly all of it is hardwood flooring... I also have two great danes and am looking after my mothers golden retriever or should I say shed monster...

My other complication is in my home I have a lot of exposed drywall and wood covered corners... I also have no baseboard on the walls, my drywall essentially terminates into the hardwoods with a very small (1/2") reveal at the bottom...

Which brings me to my question... How should I keep the flooring clean while protecting all the very fragile wood wall paneling, cabinetry and the drywall walls and drywall exposed corners...

I am currently using a 18" cloth wet/dry mop (basketball curt style) to sweep with and am going in a lawn mower pattern ie not lifting the mop till the area is finnished... I then use a cloth mop with just hot water to clean the flooring...

things I am crossing off for the moment... fullsize vacum but that could be too heavy and damage the drywall/wood areas.... canister vacuum, great untill you have to move the canister which again could easily do damage... Regular broom, just pushed the dirt around and put too much into the air and therefore back on the floor...

I would love any suggestions to make my cleaning quicker, easier and more effective...

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A 1-gallon shop-vac would work great for you. Walk around with vac in your hand.

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Sounds like a backpack vac would be great for you. There was a thread here recently comparing a couple versions of them.

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I realize you have dogs, but the water on wood floors would worry me. I hope you towel dry the floor as soon as you mop and that it is only damp mop.

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