How to get sink against right wall with baseboards in the way?

June K.April 13, 2012

I have the Kohler Persuade vanity with matching sink, which will go in the right corner of my very small (5x7) bathroom. I would like the sink up against the right wall, but cannot with the porcelain tile baseboards in the way as the sink sides are flush with the vanity legs. The bathroom guy suggested cutting the BBs where the legs would go, but I don't think this will look good. I'm pretty sure he means to do a straight cut, i.e., a 90 degree angle to the front side of the BB, then put the cut edge against the leg. First, there's no way to get this cut perfect, so there'll be a gap between the BB and the leg and second, even if there was no gap, I think it would look weird to have something against and therefore partially covering the leg. If the baseboards were wood, I would cut the BB at a 30 degree (or less) angle to the front side so that as the BB approaches the vanity leg, it recedes to a point for a more seamless look, maybe even sand it so you don't see any angle. I don't know if you can do this with porcelain and if so, what tools you would use? My bathroom guy resists doing any extra work and always manages to find a reason why he can't, so I'd like to be specific in whatever I propose to him. I am not looking for perfection and really only care about the front side of the front right leg as the only visible spot so it is not even a ton of extra work, but I know he will push back anyway. Any advice on my suggestion, or a better suggestion, would be greatly appreciated!

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Cut the baseboard with a multi tool EZ Peazy, or scribe the cabinet leg. Scribing the cabinet leg is much harder. Or give up getting it flush. You'll never notice the cut baseboard with a bit of caulk there.

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Metal vanity legs and porcelain baseboard tile, neither wants to give way to the other.

Would you consider removing in-the-way the legs completely?

1) Remove the offending legs, cut them off where they meet the bottom edge of the vanity carcass.
2) Properly place and support the vanity so it's up against whatever wall(s) it's supposed to be up against.
From the inside of the vanity, screw through the side(s) of the vanity and through the drywall, into the wall studs.

You want the screw to go no deeper than 1-1/4" into the stud, so about 2-1/2" deck screws would be a good starting point for screw length. Adjust the length as needed.

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curious what happened here??
(as i just posted a somewhat similar dilemma w/ cutting already existing baseboard).

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For our hall bath and MB, the vanities/sink tops were installed flush against the side walls. DH then installed the base molding from door molding up to the front vanity leg, and then installed another piece behind the leg (up to the back leg). It appears as though the vanity leg is fitted into the molding.

(DH fileted or ripped down the base molding for the bathrooms because our base molding throughout the house is thicker than the width of the vanity legs)

We were able to do this because the molding went in last, after the rooms were completed, and you should be able to do the same with the tile BB, cutting the tile to fit.

For already installed wood molding, it should come off ok if you're careful. Then just make your cuts, sand it all down, paint it, install it, fill in nail holes, and touch-up as needed. Voila!

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June K.

Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions! I am going to propose to my bathroom guy cutting down the baseboards with a tapered cut using a multi tool (I thought I saw his lying around) as it sounds like the simplest solution. He decided not to come today (that's another story) so I'll have an update tomorrow.

Cat_mom: Is the fit of the vanity leg and the molding seamless and if so, how was your husband able to achieve it? Also, what does "filet" or "rip" mean with respect to the molding? I am wondering if this is something that applies to my situation.

Thanks again, everyone!

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DH had to make our base molding "thinner" because it would have stuck out from the wall too far, not only for the vanity legs (would have stuck out past the leg), but it was also too thick too fit behind the toilet in one of the bathrooms. He just sliced the boards (molding) using his brother's or our friend's table saw or something (much like slicing a piece of chicken, or meat, or fish into thinner pieces).

The fit isn't seamless, but it's a pretty snug and clean fit. No taper, just cut straight, and smooth--the base molding runs right up to the leg, then stops. The leg is a little wider/thicker than the molding (after the molding was cut-down), so a sliver of the leg sticks out past the molding, and the leg itself looks like it is fitted into the molding.

Best pic I have for you:

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I notched my tile baseboard in order to get a vanity bumped up snug against the wall. You could potentially notch the vanity, but it might depend on construction and whether that will cause any structural problems for the vanity.

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June K.

Sorry for taking a while to update on this, our bathroom/kitchen renovation was being finished up - it is done! - and it was so crazy hectic! Now my work begins, where I do all the little things I asked to be done that were not, such as resealing the marble shower tiles, caulking the whole shower area (they only grouted!), fixing drywall, etc. But I am so relieved, so happy, to have my home back, that nothing could bother me!

As to the original issue, well, it turns out that all the pondering was for naught. It turns out our bathroom walls are not square so with the sink/vanity up against the back wall, there is a gap on the right side that widens as you move towards the front. Here, the gap is large enough for the baseboard to be passed behind (to the right of) the front leg. It is narrower towards the back, where the baseboard was cut and butted up against the back leg. Not pretty, but no one will see it (except me, when I'm cleaning). Unfortunately, there is still the gap between the sink and right wall and we're not sure what to do about it at this point. Anyway, this is on the backburner for now, I am just going to enjoy how much nicer everything is and be happy! Thanks again to everyone for all of your ideas!

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I was lucky -- the legs on my vanity were screwed in to the wood bottom, and when my GC and I were staring at it when this same issue arose, I was the one who came up with the solution! We just moved the legs a few inches in from the back edge of the vanity bottom.

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