I thought I broke our shower...

lara9143April 26, 2012

We just bought our first home last year and are having a lot of fun (and headaches) working on it to make it our own. We have two bathrooms (master & guest) and the other night I decided to shower in the guest bathroom since it was late and DH was already asleep.

I was in the middle of showering when I heard a *CLACK*! I looked down but there were no cracks, breaks, nothing so I assumed I was hearing things.

But a minute later and *CLACK* again. I started experimenting by taking steps around inside the tub and it sounds like something is shifting underneath it. I can't feel it shifting, but I can hear SOMETHING. It is a fiberglass tub base and shower combo with tile walls that the PO did themselves.

The obvious fix would be to tear out the tub/shower and look to see if the PO did a lousy job of tiling underneath it and that's what I'm hearing and to replace/repair it, but are there any other possibilities? Have any of you seen this before?

I asked our family members who have stayed with us about this and they said they'd heard it too (why not say something then?). To compare the sound to something, it sounds like a hard clap of the hands.

Thank you! :)

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We have a similar problem. It is probably the fiberglass tub flexing because the surface underneath is not quite level. It is probably sitting on the subfloor, not on tile. Ours makes cracking sounds when you step in certain spots. I don't know how you would fix it, though.

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I know one way to "fix" it. Buy a cast iron shower base or tub to replace the one you have. But, much like the book "if you give a mouse a cookie..." that will lead to a LOT more work.

For now I would live with it and dream of the remodel :)

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Those fiberglass tubs (and showers) are supposed to be installed in a mortar bed. I just had my shower replaced, and it hadn't been done like that. No wonder the thing was leaking into the kitchen.

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Thanks for all the ideas! The PO made the guest bathroom twice as big as the master so we were planning on knocking down walls in the future anyway... I will dream about a sturdier tub (properly installed at that) until then I guess... Hopefully it doesn't leak in the meantime!

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