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cearabJune 13, 2007

I have some beautiful, high thread count white cotton sheets. Unfortunately, I had a nosebleed and have some bloodstains on the pillowcases. I've tried using the Clorox bleachstick, to no avail. Any suggestions as to how to remove these spots? They have been washed and dried numerous times, to make matters worse. I have not soaked the pillowcases in bleach since cold water washing is indicated on the label, and because the cotton is soft.


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I have success getting blood to come out with hydrogen peroxide.

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both of my sons suffer from nosebleeds, i've had luck with a paste of "oxi-clean" (I use the generics) scrubbed in with a toothbrush (soft bristles) and then add more to wash cycle. I also had luck with a bar of Felsnaphta soap (spelling it phonetically) found it at the local grocery store, way at the bottom of the laundry aisle shelf, wet the toothbrush scrub the bar of soap and then the scrub the spots.

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Thank you both. I have the Oxiclean prewash spray here, and that had no effect on cleaning the bloodspots. I'll try the peroxide first (since I have it already in the house). If that doesn't work, I'll go buy a bar of that soap. I think I have seen it before (but not too often!).

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Hydrogen peroxide. I learned this trick from a dentist. It even works on old stains.

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You can also soak them overnight in Biz. This product contains lots of enzymes that break down protein, like blood.

In addition, I'd wash the sheets in WARM water -- enzymes found in nearly all household laundry detergents need warm water to work.

I wash sheets and underwear in warm or hot water, regardless of what the manufacturers' tags say, and have only gotten cleaner, not shrunk, laundry. So many tags recommending cold water washes are just a CYA move by the manufacturer.

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Here's a great tip I got from a friend who's daughter had frequent nosebleeds: MILK.

Before the blood dries on the fabric, dab milk onto it (I use a Q-tip) and it will vanish before your eyes. I have tried this many times (inclduing on upholstery) and it really works.

I don't know if it will work on dried blood but keep it in mind for next time....

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But then how do you get the sour milk smell out of the upholstry?

I had a friend who had a roommate fall asleep on his couch with a quart of milk in his hand while watching TV. The stench from the spilled milk was terrible and the whole couch had to be tossed.

Its a good tip for laundered items maybe.

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Biz works very well. I make a paste of it with water and let that work for awhile befire puting it into the wash.

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Bud there was a thread a while back about spilled/spoiled eggnog and milk in a vehicle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bad smells.

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I like to spot with Soil Love before I do laundry with blood stains. If the stain is still there after washing the item, don't put it in the dryer but re-treat it. I have also used a cup of electric dishwasher detergent (Cascade) and a cup of laundry detergent in the lowest hot water fill level to remove many stains. Soak it over night and then run the washer in the morning. You can also add a cup of Clorox chlorine bleach to the soak water too, but it is usually unnecessary.

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The only thing that I have used that can completely remove a dried on blood stain is a product called Folex.

See the link below, I think it's about $5 a bottle at Wal-Mart. Works on oily stains too. Good on carpet and fabrics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Folex

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Barnmom, I checked the thread about spilled milk, although too late for my friend's couch, I though it would be good for future reference. From what it looks like in that thread, (I was gagging while reading), a milk spill odor cannot be gotten rid of. I still would not recommend cleaning upohlstery with milk - only items that can be tossed in the washer. It's good to know that my firends did not throw away a perfectly good couch that could have been cleaned. You would not believe how bad the odor from a milk spill can be. It was still lingering in the apartment for weeks after they tossed the couch.

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Try soaking & washing in Oxyclean itself. Oxyclean seems to harm nothing and I've had great success with it. In fact, I'd trade a limb if Oxyclean ever leaves society. That stuff is great.

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Hydrogen Peroxide...I've used it ever since a dear friend (whose husband is an orthopedic surgeon) told me it's what SHE uses on bloodstains. She certainly sees her share!

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Here are my results and thanks everyone for the suggestions. I had blood spots on both pillowcases and had repeatedly washed them and tried everything I could think of ( Dawn, Shout, Wisk, those Carbona expensive spot removers in the little yellow bottles, Clorox bleach stick, Oxiclean spray, etc). My stains were set in and I could not get rid of them. This is what finally worked for me:
Applied hydrogen peroxide directly onto the spots. There was no change at all after standing for 30 minutes, so I decided to wash them.
Soaked the sheets overnight (and into the day) in Biz bleach with detergent (All). Used warm water. The stains are finally gone and my sheets are white again no traces of the blood spots.
To the person who suggeste Folex: I went to Walmart, and they did not have it! I'd like to get a bottle of that to keep in the house.
So now you know what really does work. My pillowcases had a spray of blood droplets. They looked black after being washed and dried in the dryer. Again, saturate the spots wiith peroxide, let sit for an hour or so, place in washer, warm water and atleast a cup and half of Biz bleach. Leave in machine for at least 15 hours. No holes in my expensive sheets either! Thanks everyone!

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I'm glad you got your set-in stains out. I hadn't realized that they'd been dried in the dryer. For future reference, if you have a stain that you are concerned won't come out in the wash, check to make certain it DID before tossing said item into the dryer. Dryers set stains like no-one's business. As long as you've not machine dried it, you are probably ok...

I line dry all items that I'm worried about because sometimes I don't see the stain "ghost through" until the item is dry. Tough to do with sheets...(unless one has a clothesline)but easy enough with clothing and the like. I LOVE my drying racks!


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I had a pair of slacks with a large bloodstain. I ruubbed Dawn liquid dish soap in, and then put it in a regular load of wash. I dried it in the dryer and the stain is completely gone! I was going to try peroxide,but it wasn't necessary.

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