Our toilet rough-in is 13" :-/

melle_sactoApril 11, 2014

I'm sure I'm measuring correctly. In the master bathroom, the back of the toilet tank is about 1" away from the wall, so does that mean they used a toilet w/12" rough-in?

Does it really matter that much? Ideally I would have liked to get the Toto CT412F Aquia b/c it looks really easy to clean around the base, but w/the elongated bowl, and knowing that the tank won't sit against the wall, I guess maybe it will be too big for the space (we had round bowl before).

The measurements are 27.5" wide, 14.25" long, 16.125" high. Does the width include the entire measurement from back of tank to front of bowl? If it's similar to the old toilet (which we still have) then it will work even if it isn't flush against the wall :-)

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I found a spec sheet showing various dimensions, and it's actually quite comparable in size to our old round-bowl toilet! The main difference is the tank is not as wide but is several inches taller. There is no reason why we can't have a taller tank, so I'm really hoping DH will go for this! So much easier to clean after messy boys :-D

Here is a link that might be useful: aquia specs

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The rough-in will define the distance from the toilet flange to the back wall.

So get your tape out and measure the distance along the floor from the flange bolts to the back wall. To the finish wall itself, not the baseboard. That'll be your rough-in.

If your distance if 13" and you have a 1" gap between the tank and the wall, then yes, your existing toilet is probably a 12" toilet.

You can indeed have two 12' toilets that differ in size from one another. Since they are both 12" toilets they should fit the space from the waste flange to the back wall, but the larger one will project further into the room in front of the flange.

Hope that makes sense.

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Thank you! Now I am even MORE confident this toilet will work. We actually don't have anything on the wall right now, just the cement board that we're tiling over. It's a very slow DIY remodel, and I just happened to come across this toilet YESTERDAY. Since we haven't bought a new one, yet, I was hoping DH wouldn't mind me changing my mind at the last minute (I was going to get the Toto Drake that a plumber recommended). I MUCH prefer this, though, and now that I have checked measurements I don't actually know if the Drake would fit!

Don't toilet makers know how GROSS little boys are? My older son is such a slob, his #1 gets all over the back of the seat where the screws hold it on, UNDER the screws, all down the sides, all around the little platform on the base and also into the mounting bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. He won't sit down to pee, he'd rather go pee outside. I think he must be looking everywhere else when he goes, and not paying attention. Icky. And he'll clean it up, but getting into all the nooks and crannies to clean is not his forte.

Maybe not all boys are like this, my younger son doesn't have any of these problems. But, seriously, I don't think a toilet could be ANY more practical for cleaning than the Aquia, unless it totally cleaned itself :-)

If DH agrees to buy and install it, I'll have to come back after a few months of use to comment on how it works for messy boys.

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Gee, moms just don't get it. You've got to make things fun! What would June Cleaver do? HAHA.

Try these....... (see link below)

They even make cool glow in the dark targets.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Potty Target

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I totally had a target in the old toilet. My boys were amused, but it didn't really solve the problem. All our male guests let me know they aimed for that target though ... TMI!!!

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Perhaps embarrassment would work? Installing a Flippee (see link below) and mentioning to guests it's needed because Johnny can't aim like a grown up boy. He might not remember to flip it up, but the embarrassment might encourage him to aim better so the Flippee is removed by his parents?

On the other hand, some never learn to care. Just the other day, a co-worker was complaining about his 20-something (!) living-with-his-parents son not taking care to aim.

As a last resort, one additional fixture in the bath:

Here is a link that might be useful: Flippee

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Thank you for the link to the Flipee! I had no idea a guard like that existed... Definitely trying it

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Given the gap behind the tank, you may want to consider a one piece toilet. They are very strong and you don't have the tank "floating" on the back of the bowl. I think that Toto offers a 13" trap assembly that can bring the tank back to the wall.

We have a Drake and my wife hates it. It flushes very well but there are ridges, one at the water line and up under the bowl rim. As well it has the exposed trap on the side which is a pain to clean. Sometime in the near future I am going to buy a skirted one piece. It will be a Toto,

I'd suggest you make a point of demonstrating how toilets are cleaned to the boys and add it to their chore list. You are The Mom and while you will do everything for them, in this case I think you should " pin the tail on the donkey."

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Speaking of aim, my former BF had a teenage son that used to pee in the tub instead of the toilet. Lifting the toilet seat was too much trouble. Were always pee dribbles on the lip of the tub. Used to drive me batty.

Did you notice I said "former" ?? :-)

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I agree with Jackfre. Having the boys clean it WELL helps them aim better. I inspect and if it's not up to speed, ours gets to clean it again before he can go out and play.

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I hadn't considered a one-piece toilet! That would definitely fix one of the BIG problem areas ;-)

I have definitely shown him how to clean, but maybe I need to crack down and be really serious about him doing the most thorough cleaning every Saturday (we're too busy during the week for both him and me to work on it other than light cleaning duties).

But I will also look into one-piece toilets!

Gosh I'm really glad I posted about this; neither DH nor I realized just how many different toilets are out there, we were going to get something similar to the old one, originally.

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Toto's uni-fit adapter only works with certain models. The link below will help.

His forum is full of info!

Here is a link that might be useful: Love's toilet info

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