Removing blood stain from vintage quilt.

pump_toadJune 28, 2007

I am trying to determine if I should try to remove a stain from a old quilt that looks like a blood stain or if I should just leave it.Actually, its more like a comforter and is only on the backing so does not show on the front but it certainly does not add to the charm of this neat old piece.

Someone told they have used lemon juice and salt.Has anyone used this method or have a better suggestion. I just want to clean the spot and not the whole quilt.

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Your success depends on the material from which it is made and the strength of the fiber. If it is a really valuable quilt, you may want to contact a museum's costume restoration dept. to see what is safe to use.

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I agree....
Any method I know of for safely removing a blood stain involves soaking the piece in something...Orvis....hydrogen peroxide....cold water....or an oxygen bleach.
I know of no spot cleaner.
Linda C

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Thanks for your replies.After looking at the fabric closly I have decided I had better just leave it.It is not torn or anything but looks very old and fragile so it probably would not last if I it had to soak it.

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