Anyone have this problem with their BONA floor mop?

kaisermustJune 8, 2010

My BONA floor mop has no trigger pizazz (for lack of a better word) anymore. I'm talking about the BONA mop which you can load on the 28.75 oz. bottle of their floor cleaner directly onto the mop instead of using just a mop and a handheld spray bottle. My spray trigger mechanism in the mop hardly sprays anymore--to be precise, I get one good spray out of it and then the mechanism doesn't come back up right away so I can do another spray. I have to wait several seconds til the mechanism, or whatever makes it spray, comes back up to its correct position to allow me to do a good spray again. This is so annoying--it takes forever to clean my floor this way. I have gone back to the handheld spray bottle with cleaner but this is not why I bought this mop. I only clean my floor on average about once a month and the mop is a couple of years old but its certainly not from overuse of the trigger mechanism. Has anyone else had this problem with their BONA mop? I know it didn't cost hundreds of dollars but I certainly expected it to last a couple of years of regular heavy use, not the average use I give mine.

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I read that issue was happening to several users. They came out with a new design in 3/10 that is supposed to have a better sprayer. I just saw the new version in a flooring store, but I'm still using the hand spray until I'm out of the refill bottle I purchased from Costco. The box will have the 3/10 date on the bottom.

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Actually, bgibi, that information is incorrect. I talked to Bona customer service today because I just bought the Bona Hardwood Mop this week and the box had 12/08 on the bottom of it. I hadn't checked that but confirmed it had the refillable cartridge which it did. So, confused by your post, I called Bona and she said the only redesign this year was the cartridge to make it refillable. And, since I got a refillable cartridge, my mop had to have been made after March.

Do you have the link that talks about the redesign of the trigger spray?

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I own one and haven't had an issue (but I have read of people having some issues). One should assume that not every unit produced will be perfect - unfortunately someone has to get the "lemons". I believe that Bona customer service is pretty good. Contact them re: the trigger issue and see what they will do for you. Let us know how it works out.

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My mop is only a few days old but so far so good. I just contacted the in advance in case they had a newer model that would preclude problems. She said they have less than a 1% failure rate and if I have one problem to call and she would be more than happy to resolve it even with a new mop.

So you can't get better than that!

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My Bona mop quit spraying, took it apart... The handle had came out . Push it really hard to get it to go back in. If you take the cartridge off you can see the handle should be all the way in.

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I broke mine the first day I used it. lol. This was back in '09. I use it all the time so I just squirt from the no-leak bottle, set it on a table behind me, then mop. Repeat.

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I had the same problem. Bought a Rubbermaid Reveal and it works like a charm.

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Hi, I just joined this website to say that I to have experienced the problem with the bono sprayer. My wonderful husband took it out to his work shop and 5 minutes later he came back with a perfectly working mop again. He said all he had to do was take the refill container out and sprayed wd40 in the crevice where the plungers spring is. It gets a little rusted and sticks.

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Thanks kimjilljohn. I have been struggling with this for years. Got my husband to do what you suggested and the mop sprayer works like it's new.

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I bought a Bono mop this year from BB&B, the trigger definitely didn't work well. Spray once, then 6 times again before it sprayed well again. I took it back and got a refund! Will go with the regular spray and use the mop I have all ready.

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I called Bona to complain about the trigger not working and they sent me a replacement unit. I still have the inoperable unit and will try the wd40 trick.

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Tammy Jack

Thank you Kimjilljohn. That worked wonderfully. I almost gave up on it and threw it away. After a few tiny sprays of the DW 40 it's back to its' orginal state.

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