recieved my steam mop 3 days ago H2O Mop X5 from QVC

honeytree27June 28, 2012

Hey there, I bought my mop from QVC after seeing their promotional price, just ordered additional accessories from Thane Direct UK because the mop pads clean up everything but aren't enough for the whole home.

we've got a wash room downstairs in the basement and it was disgusting covered in grout and had a mildew smell. I bought the h2o mop x5 and gave it a good spraying down with vinegar and lemon and then sprayed the shower with the hot steam using the attached jet nozzle. Incredible. I wanted to review this product here cause I ve read some posts about grout problem. Hope it helps, I removed all the grout and the smell after the first use.

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You don't mean you removed the grout do you. Grout is what holds the tiles in. You just cleaned the grout right??

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Actually, it's the thinset that holds the tiles in place. The grout just fills in the spaces between the tiles.

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My mistake Mike, but I think you understood my reasoning. You are not suppose to remove the grout unless you are going to replace it. Just think of the stuff that would get into the cracks.

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