beautiful vignettes and displays

PurplemoonApril 14, 2012

Check out this Pinterest gal's board (album), there are a lot of 'inspiration' pictures. Not really holiday themed but too lovely not to share.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: displays

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Lots of eye candy there!
I have a bunny planter and some silk ivy, so I'm thinking that ivy heart in the bunny planter is a go!!
Will have to revisit for more ideas.


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Marlene Kindred

Gorgeous...must look her up for sure!

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It's hard to wrap my brain around so many resources, so much talent utilized so well.

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Looks like lots of beautiful vignettes & displays from many, many people. Made me think of this display I made after losing my's a shadowbox ...bought a bargain frame at HLobby ...DH built the box for it ...I lined it w/cream satin & printed their wedding day pic on a 8-l/2 x 11" transparency sheet. Added that transparency to the back of the box over the satin. Printed their wedding certificate on some old looking paper ....rolled it up ...used some satin ribbons & hung Mom's wedding ring & put Dad's fave 'Tiger Eye' ring by the certificate...also used some gold tulle...I made my sister the same shadowbox except & she added jewelry from our parents.

Here's a close-up of certificate & Dad's ring beside it:

Sorry for the flash in the pics...not enough natural light when I took pics awhile ago...cloudy evening here & very windy. This sits on a baker's rack in spare bedroom:

And this one without flash:

I think creating displays or vignettes of memories is like giving a gift to oneself...I smile whenever I look at this. Jeanne S.

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Karen, thanks for sharing all this. So many neat ideas! I will be on the lookout for lots of old things this summer while out ys.LOL

Jeanne, thanks for sharing your pictures too. What a wonderful idea.


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Karen, so many lovely things to see, TFS.

Jeanne, such a lovely tribute to your parents.

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Karen, thanks for sharing those. What a nice way to start my day looking at so many pretties. Were those all posted by one gal or many people? See lots of names on them, maybe her collected "pins"? I'm still trying to understand how that works.

There are too many to comment on all of them, but the old wooden screwdriver glued to a base to hold a picture caught my eye, and the old drawer used as a fairy garden was cute too. I also liked the "gutter garden" idea. Some of the others just made my heart sing with their beauty too.

Jeanne, what a neat memory box you created of your parents. They were a very handsome couple too. I like your idea of printing on the transparent paper. Want to remember to get some of it to play with too.


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