Robot Vacuums?

pbx2_gwJune 12, 2013

Hi - we'd like to sweep dust off our main hardwood floors but really don't want to have to do it ourselves everyday like we are right now.
Since both wife & I work full time jobs & we just feel too beat up afterwards to do it everyday much less every other day.
Luckily no pets but we both shed as humans LOL!
We're not sure when to actually clean the HW floors & maybe these robots can do that too but we could probably do it ourselves with less frequency.

Can we hear some recommendations between the various popular robotic sweepers out there please:
Roomba vs. Neato vs. Evolution Mint.

Main needs are:

Thanks for any feedback!

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I only know the Roomba. I have 4, lol. My first one 7yrs ago was from a thrift store. Then picked one up at Costco to have one upstairs and downstairs. Then picked up another at a yard sale for 20$. I have them set to run while we are at work monday wed friday.

We have hardwood floors and they do a great job and fill their bins just about every run and now only use the central vac about once a month. They can be fussy but i am very handy and have taken them apart a few times, even the gear box. (not that difficult) ...then picked up a spare on e-bay for about the cost of a new battery. So three are all the same model. I've only purchased two replacement batteries in all this time.
The main complaints i see are those that have way too much junk on their floors. Dirty clothing and such. And they will get stuck on rug fringe. They shut themselves off when stuck on something...usually a shoelace. No different than picking up for a regular vac. They are not for everyone nor do they replace your vac with much better suction, but after a long day at work, no-can-do listen to a vac or physically feel like running one. Gave one to parents and in-laws a few years ago. My dad runs his almost daily in their bedroom for his allergies. Had to show him all the quick cleaning tips. The first error codes seem to frustrate so many and why they are showing up at thrifts and cheap on ebay. (fine with me!) I enjoy taking things apart and studying.

They do get lost on occasion and have to go look for them, but make it back to re-charge 9 out of ten times and will lock itself in the starts off in the bedroom, the other in the liv rm. They seem to meet up in the kitchen for a bit, then off on their merry ways. (DH's office is off limits, as it is aways a mess and door shut)

We no longer have dust bunnies as they take care of it before they have a chance to form.

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For hardwood "dusting" the Mint is your best choice. It has few moving parts so it's low maintenance and reliable. It's a robot swiffer, basically. But you must manually start it - it doesn't have a scheduling option. When I had one I just started it as I left for work. It's virtually silent so you can run it while you are at home and not be annoyed, too. The Mint can't go on rugs.

The Neato is a real vacuum - more powerful than Roomba and it has a guidance system. It does sometimes get lost or stuck, but overall it is a very good vacuum and docks/charges itself, can be scheduled to run while you're out, etc. It has a very good bin capacity and picks up a TON of pet hair dust and dirt every day, great on carpet and hard floors. I hate to think what my floors would look like without it running daily! The Neato is more robust and the belt-driven brush doesn't get jammed easily (unless you leave socks on the floor!)

The Roomba we had one in the past it's a robot sweeper more than vacuum (vacuum is very weak). It is good on carpet and on hard floors. It does get brush errors often especially if someone in the home has long hair, the brushed get wrapped in it and the plastic gears strip. It does throughly clean the floors.

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