frameless shower door

cbruno7April 15, 2014

Wanted opinions on which look people think is nicer. We have the option of 2 frameless 1/2 inch glass panels with a door in the center or 3/8 inch sliding glass frameless shower door. The cost difference is small, so comes down to which would be aesthetically nicer in a transitional style bathroom

thank you

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Either would probably look good. I'd have to see the shower/surrounding space to say for certain. Can you post a photo?

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Besides aesthetics, there is also a functional difference between a door that swings open and one that slides. I have both.

The outswinging door was cuz that shower is only 4 feet long, so not long enough for a slider and still have ample room to get inside. I had lots of room outside the shower for door to swing into.

The sliding door was on a 5 foot long shower, so long enough, and there really wasn't room in tiny BR for a door to swing open without either hitting the vanity or the towel rack.

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I much prefer the frameless hinged option myself, a more classic cleaner look if you have the room for sure.

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