Gritty Ceramic Shower Floor After Scrubbing?

pbx2_gwJune 26, 2013

We've been in our new build for 2 months & we finally started cleaning our master shower ceramic floor.

It wasn't dirty or had mold or mildew but just regular upkeep.

Just used some light elbow muscle, a scrubber & some Dawn soap.

Rinsed & walked away. Next time in, noticed a gritty feeling under our feet & some light dust particle in areas where the water doesn't go to.

Is this normal?

Would scrubbing ceramic tiles cause flaking of either the tiles or grout?

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It could be that the builders didn't seal the grout, and the grout is flaking out. Is there a white cast to it? Do you have hard water? It could be hard water residue that you scrubbed off but it didn't get rinsed. If they used sanded grout, it could be that.

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hi Angie - thanks for the feedback.

They used Tech's Power Grout. Which I believe is sand based.
Which has good review & reputation.

Is it normal to have sand flake off?

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