Recent Bluestar promotion details?

Ott2April 22, 2013

I believe there was a Bluestar promotion announcement that was expected last week. I've seen a couple of references to a promotion on this forum in the last few days. Does anybody know any promotion details for 36" RNB models?
Thanks, Ott2

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I'm also wondering as I'm going to the dealer tomorrow to meet with a BS rep. Most likely placing an order for a 36" 6-burner rangetop this week. Not sure if I go through the dealer or an on-line supplier who has it for $100 less and no tax or shipping.

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Kristen Hallock

Swimman - who was your online supplier and what was the price?

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Plessers quoted me $3178, free ship and no tax. The rep there said he could possibly do a little better! They have good reviews so I would be confident ordering from them. I'll see what happens tomorrow at the local store and see if they are willing to play!

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Did anyone find out the promo? Swimman - is that the prices for RNB or RCS?

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Pricing is for their 36" 6-burner rangetop (not the ranges).

I asked the BS rep what promos are going on and he stated it's a choice of either a free color, or a set of cookware.

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Hi swimman, can you clarify what feature(s) get color on a range top?? Or are you saying the promo is color for a free standing range? Also, are we talking US or Canada?

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I was specifically talking to the rep about rangetops. However, he said the promotion was for a color of your choice either on a range or range top. I'm not sure about Canadian promotions as I'm in the US.

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