how to clean dry microfiber mopheads

bj_inatlantaJune 2, 2007

I have the microfiber dry mopheads for my ceramic tile floors (entire house). They're great, but with 2 cats they pick up an enormous amount of fur/dust, etc. Way too much to just plop them in the washing machine. It'd clog; or I'd then have to run it empty to clean it out after washing them.

So, what I do is use either my hands or a damp paper towel to pull the excess stuff off the mophead. What a nasty, dusty chore. Can reuse it if it isn't too nasty; then it gets saved till I get a load of microfiber cleaning cloths. Am I just dumb or is there any way not to become a servant to my cleaning tools?!

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That's why I like my Swiffer WetJet. The mop pad is disposable. I use it twice, then toss. The first use is great.The second leaves a lot more liquid behind, takes longer to dry. But it works for me. Problem is, the pads are expensive, about $8 for 12.

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Dont tell but I toss mine in the dryer with a couple of clean wet rags. Then I keep a close eye on my lint trap. You would be surprised how much stuff comes off.

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I just pulled the dust and fur off another one yesterday. I see these reusable/washable mop pads are cheaper and more environmentally friendly. But I still don't have any ideas of how to handle this chore. Tossing the nasty stuff off of my floors into the dryer where I put my clean clothes is not appealing to me.

So, am I the only person who fell for this type of mop??

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Put on a rubber glove and use that to grab the hair off the surface of the mop head. Then wash as usual. I have found that rubber gloves work well for pet hair on furniture too.

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Bonelady: thanks for the tip! love my pets--hate the fur.

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Im sorry. Disreguard my previous suggestion. I guess Im just a slob. Ive really never noticed any dirt on my clean clothes afterwards.

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I take mine outside and beat it against the side of my fence,,, provided the wind is blowing in the right direction! Most times I can put it back on again 2 or three times. Then it's time for the washer (after another thorough beating!).

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I just bought a swivel sweeper and love it. It picked up the cat hair wonderfully. But it isn't perfect. I'd still go over the floors with your dry microfiber mopheads to make sure you got it as clean as you want it. The sweeper might do well enough for you but if not, you still won't have to pick the fur out of your mop before washing it and you won't using anything that is disposable.

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jannie, check out CVS. They have their own brand of pads for the WetJet for about $4/doz. They had them on sale for $3.50 IIRC, when I bought a box. Haven't tried them yet to see how they compare though. I just use my WetJet in the bathroom and a pad lasts a long time in there.

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My favorite cheap, disposable way of picking up pet hair is to use a dry Swiffer mop with a piece of paper towel in place of the Swiffer cloth.

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I use the dry swiffer with a microfiber cloth attached, I also use the swiffer sweepper vac with micro fiber cloths.
I would NOT usethe wet jet, it will leave a film on yourfloor that will build up and over time will be nearly impossiable to remove. That product sounded good at first, but in the long run makes your floor harder to clean.

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